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Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Obama is making cross dressers 'heroes'

Why Obama is making cross dressers 'heroes'
Dr. William Mount

There is an agenda BEHIND THE White House and Obama #4 pushing for making Transgendered People Superheroes

There is a reason Obama is releasing First Degree Murderers and Child Rapists Right Now

Remember when Obama stated a few days ago:
“””The End Of The Republic Never Looked So Good“”???

There is a agenda behind anything every politician does

So what is it?

On 4/15/2000 Hanz Kovlenback did a 150 page interview with a reporter and in this report he outlined exactly how the Jesuits intend to destroy America and it is time.....
 So here we are - 16 years later - the TV and the White House are now promoting an agenda that is so Anti-GOD that GOD Himself must now intervene to destroy the once great American Republic

The problem is - 95% of those living in America dumbed down by the food they eat, the water they drink, the things they are spraying in the air and the frequencies being pumped out by the TV, WE cannot even think on a subject for more than 7 seconds.

For Example: When we were kids all movies had scenes that lasted more than 7 seconds - the amount of time it takes to orient the brain as to it’s surroundings.

Thanks to modern TV almost 95% of all American’s cannot focus on a thought for greater than 7 seconds so they cannot - shall we say … Connect The Dots.

So today the Perverted CIA handlers are promoting the integration of Cross Dressing Gays into our schools and even their bathrooms and you sit back and merely watch like little helpless puppies

Lucifer has been playing this game for eons but this is his last Go Around - GOD says this is it.

So here is a little history:

1) Public Education is America was started by a witch (Horace Mann) to implement THE PLAN - total destruction of America.
2) These goals were re-affirmed by Thomas Dewey in the 1930’s.  Here are some possible solutions:

1) Public Education should be terminated -
    children are supposed to be educated by their parents.
f you wish to keep public education and follow Lucifer then accept the consequence without complaining.

2) Get your child out of Public Education
3) The average school district has 3 administrators per teacher - and only gets 10% of it’s funding from the Feds - so if you wish to solve the problem and keep public education then cut that ration down to one administrator per teacher and cut out the Federal Funding

4) Schools - If you wish to keep them - need to rebuild their lockers and bathrooms and create individual stalls and eliminate Group Bathrooms.

So there are some real solutions to this problem
- and it is not going away.

This nation will either turn back to GOD through HIS Son Yeshua or face the consequences ------ starting today

Expect a lot of Internet Trolls all over my You Tube Channel protecting the Sexually Perverted White House and their child molesting

Pray for your family and try and be ready for anything
--- hurricanes, droughts, floods, etc.

The News You Need
Dr William B. Mount

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