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Monday, May 30, 2016

MISSION STATEMENT | OUR TIME IS NOW! - Very good video - emailed by a reader



  1. Loaded with Masonic symbols, the patte cross (knights templar), the arches look up the royal arch of heaven. Just saying these things raised some flags very similar to our current deception words sound good but the subliminal message is in the symbols.

    1. Did you notice the old brick wall with the "We want you" message underneath a torn poster of a guy?

  2. Very interesting use of game play and animation. It is artistic no doubt. I am certain this movie will succeed and it has a good message. I have no prejudice against the Templars, and the story has some interesting possible events like the search for evolved souls in London. Very interesting. I give Owom two thumbs up.

  3. I watched that video and found to be a very nice message. Like stop being a waster and do something for others and for the planet to turn around this wrecking ship. Also did not find any "We Want You" message anywhere, but the Knight pointing and saying "We Need You", meaning You Are Important, You have Value which its totally contrary of what Uncle Sam 'Military poster mean. That alone shows you are Not paying enough attention.

  4. I find the message to be excellent. However, removing the power players we all know are the problem is the obstacle to accomplishing this peace. Also, good luck getting people to realize all religions are false. Christians will never admit there was never any such person as Jesus Christ, and moslems will never let go of their beloved mohammed. Their egos, if nothing else, will never allow them to admit what a mindtrap their religions are.

  5. The video is a reference to the Knights Templar's, the site OWON is run and overseen by a gentleman who goes by Canauzzie his friend and contact John is a member of the House of Lords where the real hard line negotiations with the Asian Elders and old European bloodlines take place daily. Some of these bloodlines are of Templar origin and work tireless hours daily for the freedom of humanity against the rapacious CABAL. John heads up these high level meetings with the Elders and is also knows and works with the White Hats who are currently in their own monumental struggle negotiating with the criminal U.S. INC trying to bring about a new financial system, free up the Collateral Accounts, as well as the can go to WHITE HATS or THE WHITE HATS REPORT for more info. So the next time you get reports from ZAP or Keenan its all a bunch of bullshit designed to get people to donate to their phony cause which I think is disgusting.