Friday, September 30, 2016

BOOM! Supreme Court EXPLODES Hillary’s Debate LIE, She’s TOAST!

While the media are busy trying to tell you Donald Trump’s debate performance against Hillary Clinton was a “disaster,” they are forgetting something surprising about Clinton’s “performance” during that same debate. This might come as a shock to you, but Clinton lied.

During the Hofstra Debate, Clinton decried the stop-and-frisk policies that helped Rudy Giuliani turn the problem of crime around in the Big Apple as “unconstitutional,” but according to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, an officer can engage in this potentially life-saving activity as long as it doesn’t violate illegal search-and-seizure practices, per
There is further evidence Clinton told a whopper, as evidenced by a famous 1968 Supreme Court case.

In Terry v. Ohio, the most liberal Supreme Court in the history of our country held that for the sake of protecting the safety of the officer and others, the officer had every right to “conduct a carefully limited search of the outer clothing of such persons in an attempt to discover weapons which might be used against him.”

The lone dissenter in Terry was Justice William Douglas, who wrote the Fourth Amendment only allows a pat-down if the officer has probable cause to suspect a crime.

However, all eight of the other justices rejected that argument.
This not only illustrates that Clinton continues to lie through her teeth, but it also illustrates she is every bit as far left as Bernie Sanders and current New York mayor Bill deBlasio.

Recall that deBlasio is the mayor most notable for ending stop-and-frisk in New York, and Hillary will follow suit if she has her way.

She will do this by remaking the U.S. Supreme Court in her image, where generations of Americans will risk many constitutional provisions being struck down.

First on the agenda will be an end to stop-and-frisk across the country and the beginning of possibly more violence resembling Chicago ensuing across the nation.

A Hillary Clinton presidency? America just can’t take that risk.

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  1. You know, we keep hearing folks say, "Hillary is toast" over and over, but it's bullshit. Hillary is the most vile and disgusting female on the planet, but she's going to be president because a large segment of the American people don't care. Lying, cheating and dishonesty have become acceptable in America. Colleges and universities, for the most part, endorse socialism, liberalism, and horrible creatures like Hillary. Public schools are busily destroying all references to God and patriotism, and endorsing aberrant behavior, like homosexuality and deviant sex. And what are the good American people doing about it? Damned little. We should all be flocking to our churches and making sure we are living Christian lives, and encouraging others to do the same, but the trend is in the opposite direction. Why? I think because we have become accustomed to allowing the government to shape our lives instead of God. This election, I will vote for Donald Trump, but I suspect, even if he wins 90% of the votes, he will not be allowed to take office. The corrupt government in Washington, and their corrupt elite benefactors, will pull some shenanigan, like Martial Law, or having their lap dog Supreme Court overturn the results. There is going to be toast, for sure, but it worn't be Hillary. It will be us.