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EMF radiation exposure

Nutrition and food that can help 
with EMF radiation exposure

Published on Jun 18, 2016 - Our bodies are amazing! Considering the health burdens our bodies have to put up with from our environment and of what we eat.
Essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals play an important role in keeping the body coping as best it can. Often the burdens are so great that health slowly decays towards chronic health complaints. Supplementation or eating the right foods that contain nutrients that the body needs when exposed to the never ending exposure to EMF radiation, is helpful and a valuable tool to assist, but it does not replace radiation avoidance/shielding.

Brian Hoyer is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the USA and also one of our consultants. Combining a 'body' approach with environmental medicine to help optimize especially the bedroom for health repair and maintenance. 

In this video Brian Hoyer explains what foods and nutrients will be helpful and also goes into some of the workings of the brain, melatonin and the function of hormones.

There are foods and supplements you can take to support you during radiation exposure

 Brian Hoyer is an established complementary health practitioner, specializing in nutritional therapy, kinesiology and other modalities. Brian is also one of our first US consultants and available for home assessments along the Pacific region.  We live in a world that has progressed rapidly in just 150 years.  Our food has fundamentally changed.  It has been industrialized, sprayed with pesticides, and processed in ways like never before.  It is also being genetically modified to contain toxins that our bodies simply don’t recognize as food.

In addition to the changes in our food there has also been many changes in our environment.  When most people think of environmental stressors they think of chemicals, mold,mildew, heavy metals, and maybe even nuclear radiation.  These are all self evident because a person  can see, smell, or taste many of these things.  It is very important to avoid these things or reduce exposure to lower the burden on your body.

Invisible radiation can be deceptive

Probably the most deceptive environmental bodily stressor of all is low-level man-made radiation.  There are extremely low frequency (ELF) ranges that create electric and magnetic fields.  There are also higher frequency radio and microwave radiation from radio, TV broadcasting, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, smart meters, bluetooth, and other wireless technologies.

Radiation exposure to the body has increased astronomically in the last 100 years.  Scientists estimate that humans get 30 to 100 million times the amount of electromagnetic radiation than just 100 years ago.  Much like modern processed foods suddenly appearing in human history, these frequencies were rapidly introduced to humankind as the invention of electricity gradually expanded and more and more people were exposed to this new type of low level radiation.  The higher frequencies were not prominent much at all until the invention of radios, TV broadcasting, and now mobile phone and other wireless technologies.  Our exposure throughout history DEFINITELY has not been anywhere near the levels that we are exposed to today.

There are many studies that show the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation.  One of the most detrimental biological effects is the way that this type of radiation disrupts proper functioning of melatonin in the human body.  Frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum have been shown to physiologically distort signals to the hypothalamus and pituitary, both of which depend on light frequencies to get information about the environment.  This information is used to send proper instructions to various hormone producing glands.

Electronic pollution in our environment is constantly being pumped out and creating an environment where our bodies may “think” that the sun is still out when it is dark.Light is a key player in this equation and part of the environment that the hypothalamus monitors. Light is also a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and plays a crucial role in the balance between cortisol and melatonin.  Cortisol is activated by the presence of light along with circadian clock signals that depend on melatonin secretion the night before.  When cortisol is high enough during sleep it causes a person to wake up.

Melatonin is produced when the sun goes down and there is an absence of light.  Many studies suggest that light and other electromagnetic frequencies stimulate the hypothalamus in a similar way that light does.  If this is true then the implication is that all of this electronic pollution in our airways is constantly being pumped out and creating an environment where our bodies may “think” that the sun is still out when it is dark.  

Reducing both artificial light and electromagnetic radiation at night can be immensely helpful in optimizing the proper signaling of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands that in turn ensures a timely secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland before bedtime. 


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