Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Radio Host Taken Off Air Censored

What Are They Hiding? 
Radio Host Taken Off Air
Censored for Saying 1 Word

Published on Sep 28, 2016
Popular radio host Michael Savage was pulled off the air during his program yesterday in a shocking move. His show, with over 20 million listeners, went dead on WABC New York, but Savage, known for his hard-hitting style, continued on. However, he was then pulled from a slew of affiliates. It was clear censorship, and you’ll be shocked to learn the one word that Savage said that caused him to be sabotaged.

What was so controversial that WABC had to censor Savage? Well, Hillary Clinton’s health of course. That’s right!  All Savage was talking about from a medical standpoint was Hillary’s health and the rumor that she takes Levodopa, the Parkinson’s disease drug. After Savage mentioned Levodopa, that was all it took, just that one word to cause the liberal CEO to take him off air mid-show.

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