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_9011770652081574052yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1475196602995_17956" dir="ltr">General Note: A considerable number of people have asked to see these key excerpts from this important Aquarius group evidentiary document since I discovered it two years ago, particularly its assertion that spiritual disciplines can negate microwave mind control that can be broadcast through "smart" meters, cellphone towers and other impositional technologies.  So here it is, with hopefully helpful highlighting and contextual comments. The “Aquarius Group Operations Briefing” both coordinates with and corroborates “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, the “NASA War Plan”, “The Iron Mountain Report” and the after-dinner speech given by Dr. Richard Day, then-President of Planned Parenthood, at an event sponsored by that organization in May 1969. – REC
Note: Page 1-Advantages of Microwave-Based Mass Mind Control
Electromagnetic, radio wave and microwave pulse mind warfare has great advantages, in that a desired subject or population has no knowledge of the procedure being implemented.
Note: Page 2-Negative Setup Synergy of Ubiquitous Biochemical Agents
Chemical and pharmaceutical saturation has been achieved over the past twenty years of implementation with this purpose in mind, and is achieved through purposeful covert introduction into population areas. (aerial geoengineering, nuclear/chemical industrial environmental pollution, undisclosed chemical/organic waste disposal, bioweapons -- REC) In some areas, this is achieved by deliberate overt introduction through exposure or consumption on behalf of the population base in everyday usage of public water supplies, airborne pollutants, and chemical agents in a wide variety of foodstuffs...(fluoridation, bioweaponized vaccinations, GMOs, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fracking, oil spills, chemical additives/leaching materials etc. This passage confirms what many of us have suspected: none of this is done by accident or by bureaucratic incompentence, but by criminal intent – REC)
Note: Page 49-Microwave Mass Mind Control to Create Societal Division/Violence
It is the plan of Aquarius Group Operations and the Circle of Seven CEOs to implement these various forms of mind control to augment a basic intolerance of each other under whatever guise is necessary. This will eventually lead to internal unrest, and an occupation by United Nations forces, who will be under orders to keep the peace of the host country.
Aquarius Group Operations, as part of a current agenda, has been very successful under projects REACH and BELFRY in programming and “cueing” selected individuals who have, in turn, carried out program procedures and opened fire on other civilians in public areas all across the United States.
It is a part of Aquarius Operations to bring this about in more of repetitive pattern over a period of many years...Especially targeted are large urban areas where street gangs are prevalent. In the overall scenario of senseless and unprovoked killings increasing as time passes, the Aquarious Operation feels they will be able to condition the public to welcome the confiscation of firearms...curfews...mandatory bar code IDs...and general areas of martial law.
It is felt among many that the erosion of constitutional rights will be readily accepted by the majority, in return for government promises of elimination of gang killings, mass killings by lone gunmen and termination of (illegal) drug trafficking in all areas.
Note: Page 47-Successful Use of Brain Entrainment Frequencies to Control Populations/How Mindful Use of Organic Psychotropic Substances and Meditative Practices Can Counter This
Another current RHIC technology in use can achieve manipulation of an individual or large masses of a populace. Without a primary (frequency) being established, general manipulation and control is obtained, though not as quickly or completely successully…This method achieves the desired outcome through radio waves in the 800 MHz band, where the vital human brain frequency resonation is located. These waves directly affect the subject(s) in the desired way through slow and persistent exposure.
Concerned Special Intelligence Operations personnel should acquaint themselves with PROJECT HIGH TONE and PROJECT XENO. Personnel in OM level special Projects Operations are already aware of the human frequency operations and testing procedures that proved to be a great success on large population base capacities in Los Angeles, California in April 1992. (This is referring to the deadly Los Angeles riot that occurred after several of those police officers involved in Rodney King's brutal videotaped beating were all acquitted after being charged with felonious assault. This was the beta test for the mind-control-based police-related carnage we see happening right now in cities throughout the America. REC)
This frequency wave modulation can be utilized to the maximum benefits in a population, or among selected individuals when required. The benefits to the CIA, NSA, Aquarius Group Operations and Aqua Tech Operatives are obvious. Through the ignorance of the general population of the world, the cellular wave frequency communications facilities may be erected and utilized by the intelligence community to sedate, excite or initiate a variety of physical effects and ills to implement population control -- or elimination at the time it is deemed necessary. (They are here directly divulging criminal intent to commit genocide using urbanized electromagnetic/scalar weapons. – REC)
With a general ignorance through arrogance of most of the general population in the US, the erection of large cellular towers being carried out under HIGH TONE AND XENO are largely going completely unnoticed…
Individuals who have access to or regularly use marijuana or opiates on a regular basis...represent a problem in control and manipulation. This is due to the reaction and stimulus in the human brain that occurs with the use of these substances.
The federal agencies' attempts to eradicate this problem with their War on Drugs is having some success in supply rates of marijuana and opiates. It is interesting that the so-called drug wars have had little effect on the supply of cocaine and methamphetamines, as these can only enhance the effects of the (mind) manipulation, instead of decreasing it as opiates will. However, complete control of the distribution of all undesirable drugs for use by the general population bases cannot currently be completely eradicated.
Chemical control bases (toxic body burdens – REC) will be present in 95% of the population...Those individuals who may not be (otherwise) affected by frequency control due to their usage of certain drugs will most likely negate their immunity with (the toxic body burden) they have built up over the years in their everyday use and exposure to those agents on the Chemical and Biological Control Base listing…

Individuals who have implemented proper meditation methods and training are (far) more difficult to (target).



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