Saturday, September 24, 2016

OPA – Come on … enough BS!

To: General Dunford
It’s been said that you now have the power to get this GCR / RV done!
It’s been said that you are now the man to bring in the restored Republic!
It’s been said that you’re going to clean up America and arrest the current and past presidents and all the cabal members!
It’s been said we will have a new currency on the street as soon as the money is released which you hold the codes to release!
So, General Dunford, let me ask this one question: WHY HAVEN’T YOU?
To: all the other Characters involved with this global release
Come on … You people are ridiculous with all the delays … all you do is have meetings which amount to BS! 
As the country is played by Soros, “O Factor” and the other CABAL bastards with this BS on race wars, I am amazed at the American people at being so gullible.   Wake up America, the last 8 years has been all about race wars, religious wars because that is the only way they know how to control you!  WAKE UP!
Let me say this much on race, there isn’t any race.  We live on planet EARTH, your all EARTHLINGS to those who are off-world!  You live on a continent where they are divided up into countries.  Those of you who live in any of the 50 states are AMERICANS!  And if you want to declare another version its by state so if you live in Florida, you’re a Floridian … so what is the big deal. 
Race wars or riots are based on what skin pigmentation, come on people, I have a great grandmother that had dark pigmentation, you don’t see me screaming unfair!!!  Hell, its variety.  All the race war and riots are doing is having the Cabal laughing their ass off at YOU!  Stop the BS!
On the BS about cops, I am not crazy about cops however you all are missing this point, read about our history, this document was prepared by Francis Lieber, promulgated as General Orders No. 100 by President Lincoln on 24 April 1863.  Commonly called the Lieber Codes or General Order 100.  Simply said, the North and the South never signed a peace treaty ending the Civil War! 
With that said, the 50 states are under military martial law today.  General Order 100 was established to manage the people of an occupied country, we are still occupied!  And those military BS established the services commonly called today Washington DC to provide services.  So all this BS in DC is military fault.  So how do we fix this, the North and the South agree to a peace treaty and sign it.  You don’t believe me, then why did the CABAL go after the Confederate Flag?  I have family in the north and the south, so if I had a Confederate Flag, I would fly it in the North without any issue since it’s truly represents our country for the South.
Get off your ass and do something besides having another meeting, talk is just talk.  I have to say this, If you bastards don’t finish now, the rest of us, patriots, rednecks, peppers, Christian’s, etc. will pick up where the North and South left off and finish it finally and we will not invite you!  You get it!
One Pissed Off America, signing off for now.  Remember, you too believe the same way, just too scared to say or do anything, time to buck up and man up, so let’s change this together!


  1. Could it be that all the stuff that you listed, that has been said, is just BS? Me thinks so! So take a few deep breaths and chill out. If all these things are meant to happen they will happen when it is time for them to happen.

  2. To the author of this post: this kind of 'letter' to Gen Dunford posted on this public website speaks VERY poorly for YOU. And, expecting the rest of us to support you in this is fool’s play. Insulting leaders who are working FOR our behalf is NOT the way to get the job done. None of us know the details of what Gen Dunford has meetings about. That is privileged and not for public disclosure. NONE of us have ANY idea what Gen Dunford is going through both personally and as our leader - the stress, the delays, the planning and coordinating for success and what hindrances may be incurred in the process, and efforts to save lives and not lose them. NONE of us - least of all YOU - have the right to judge the man and his staff and to publicly insult him. You have no right to include patriots and Christians in your diatribe as a threat to the General or to anyone else for that matter. This kind of BS is what gives the FALSE impression that patriots, militia and Christians are not 'good' guys, or that we do not support the General and others who are working long hours to protect us and to get our country back from the cabal. That ‘threat’ presents a totally false picture of us. What are YOU doing to assist Gen Dunford and the REAL militia, patriots, etc. to get the job done? What are YOU doing to restore our TRUE government besides issuing such messages that would appear as a result of too much beer or wine? Why aren't you signing your name behind these insults and criticisms? Without that this cannot be taken seriously other than for what it is - malicious worthless insulting diatribe which shouldn't be published. This does NOT look good to others, both in this nation and worldwide, who have no idea what the real situations are that are requiring allot of very serious time and attention other than what is going on in their own households. This 'letter' is VERY discourteous to Gen Dunford and to all working for and with him on our behalf. To those of us who support the General, it literally makes you look like a blazing fool and AHO. As a patriotic and thankful people, we Americans issue our apologies to the General and send to him and his staff our assurances that we are with him and support his good efforts on our behalf. And to the leaders of other nations, namely Putin and others, we invite your SUPPORT of General Dunford in his efforts to FREE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM THE TYRANNY THAT BESETS US! AMERICANS ARE A PEACE LOVING PEOPLE. WE DO NOT SUPPORT THE CRIME SYNDICATE (Wash DC, 'queen' England and the Vati-CON) who have enslaved us for well over 100 years. PUTIN AND OTHERS - PLEASE INSTRUCT YOUR SOLDIERS ON US SOIL TO SUPPORT AND TO FREE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. YOUR FREEING US WILL POSITION US TO GUARANTEE YOUR SOVEREIGN RIGHTS ALONG WITH OURS. GOD BLESS, GUIDE US AND PROTECT US ALL.

    1. Insulting leaders?????? More like public servants! I am the leader.. not any of those in any kind of office!!!

      Dunford got his paperwork from me then used it to start the Illegitimate French Republic... I am still looking to kick him in the @$$ for that one!

    2. Dear "Foolish",
      Ask any veteran who has served under General Dunford and they will tell you he is a RAT.
      An old school, Russian hating, warmongering Elitist who has no intention of doing anything you HOPIUM ADDICTS are wishing he would or could.
      Just look at what he said YESTERDAY regarding SYRIA...
      There is NO "resored republic".
      No RV's, NO Gessara, No Nessara... None of it.
      What there IS = More debt slavery and misery till we stop tapping keyboards and start tapping triggers.
      Carry On,
      E-7 Ret.

    3. Jay Dee: How can anyone take your comment seriously? It literally reeks of negativity. As a 'retired E-7' grunt, your comment speaks of one with boots on the ground in the dangerous hot spots, while wondering what it might be like to be the 'general'. Perhaps a bit of jealousy here? Some of the issues you mentioned are legitimate - that the RV, Nesara and Gesara have not yet happened, but that in no way indicates that it is the General's fault. There are more than one cards in the deck/Gen Dunford, and as the cards are being played - the next move is decided. One can have a 'game' in one's mind, but when there are many players, the rules and the techniques of winning can change with each card played. One can argue about traitor vs not traitor but you, my friend, are not militarily in the same league with this General. You are not the one trying to work with world leaders, trying to out guess the cabal and the terrorists so they don't take down this nation; you are not trying to get people in this nation to work together and get over their personal individual preferences. Sit back, relax, be patient and forgiving, and allow those with knowledge and experience to work through the hands that are being dealt out. Hold your negativity for another day. In the meantime, we need all Americans to pull together, and none talking and working to divide us.

    4. Jay Dee~

      There is a restored Republic!!
      Many of your retired special forces friends are involved with it too!!!!
      General Douglas MacArthur would be proud to see the results of his work!

    5. You Hopium Filled excuse makers are going to be very disappointed.
      The Hopium Infection is sure strong here.
      But COMMON SENSE and REASON seem to be seriously lacking.
      DO NOT CALL TRUTH "Negative" --- TRUTH is TRUTH.
      How many of YOU have actually served under "General Dunford"? ANY OF YOU?
      He is a WARMONGERING P.O.S. that should be euthanized, not promoted.
      You are all dismissed.
      Carry On in your fantasy land.

    6. Jay Dee 3:39 AM - Are you a member of the Illuminati? A shill? Because you sure do sound like it, and our readers are educated and mature enough to see right through you. Either that, or you require some serious mental evaluation and counseling, which I advise you to get done. We don't want the stress you are attempting to handle to take you down as with some other 'retired' soldiers. May the good Lord deliver and heal you, and bless you richly.

    7. I guess you never served.
      No, I am not a shill and have been around here alot longer than you.
      But thanks for the insult and good luck with the hopium harvesting.
      Carry On,
      E-7 Ret.

  3. Anon @6:05 totally agree with you. It's an arrogant & ignorant post. There is no way to know what security risks there are at present. I have read posts that Obama has the missle defense shield activated at Russia & from space at this very moment. If that is true, there may be more important issues in real time. It's frustrating but the witing this comes off as not a thorough thinker.

    1. Anon Sep 24 8:08 PM - Thank you for your comment. On the surface it would appear that perhaps Jay Dee is a very self-centered 'thinker,' looking only at his situation and completely disregarding how his 'thinking' might affect all the rest of us on this planet, certainly within our nation. It seems to be very easy for some to condemn, judge and criticize others, while ignoring that the piece of the puzzle they are 'seeing' is only one tiny blank corner piece in a million piece puzzle. One has to have more than his limited 'knowledge' to appreciate what most likely may be involved behind the scenes of decision making of those in charge over us of our nation's and world affairs. Everyone can make a mistake, even our leaders, but we must learn to TRUST and, if we cannot trust the leaders, we should have REMOVED them long ago. In this case, our only hope short of total chaos, bloodshed and annihilation is to trust those who are risking their lives to make the changes for our benefit. Definitely most of us have no business applying our total lack of knowledge and skills trying to walk in their shoes. We are not qualified - either to tell them what to do or to try to do it for them, so it seems to me that our best hope is in supporting and trusting them.

    2. And it is exactly this type of thinking and abrogating of individual responsibility that got us in the mess we are in today. Trust others to take care of you? yeah, right! Based on that silliness we should repeal the 2nd amendment, because all we need is faith.

      Unless you can provide evidence that something is happening we cannot see, you must admit that it is all a fantasy designed to make you feel good. Stop making things up and hoping they are true. Face reality!

  4. Anon @6:05 totally agree with you.

  5. On Thursday 9-22-16, from 17:00-20:00 pst, I watched
    Secretary Carter & General Dunford on C-Span get grilled
    by Senator McCain and a few others about the current status of things.

    It was sufficiently difficult to conclude anything specific
    at the end of their testimonies.

    A lot was said about our troops, adequate funding for them
    presently and in 2017, our role and presence in light of
    assisting with training Iraqui's to accomplish their goals etc.

    Much more was laboriously discussed.

    At the end, I could see that Senator McCain made a b-line for
    the door, and seemed miffed that he couldn't get an enthusiastic
    commitment from the two man panel about 'punishing' Russia for
    the recent shoot down, and agreeing that President Assad should
    be removed. That was deferred to John Kerry's sphere.

    It was definitely intense.
    The three main players held their own.
    Carter was diplomatically neutral, Dunford meticulously
    stuck to the points put to him, and McCain was a little 'testy'.

    If it had been me being interrupted and not permitted to finish
    a sentence or give my 'professional military opinion', I would
    not have been able to restrain myself...

    It seemed like the usual nagging issues were at stake, ie
    many balls are in play; neither 'side' wanted to give themselves
    away, and who knows how any of this will end up.

    I've heard that unless certain previously agreed to terms
    are adhered to, the GCR/RV waits on Putin's final paperwork
    submission based on the satisfaction of said terms.

    My priorities are; announced restored Republic,
    fair and truthful balancing of the 'global books',
    everyone getting their entitled 'gold' back, and
    I'll settle for a refund from the IRS.

    The main focus is peace minus the opposite agenda.

    Until then, I'm still a one girl, in your face,
    equal opportunity offender, more than happy to
    rattle anyone's cage in the process to that end.

    Only one side must back down, and it's not mine.