Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Russia Collapses Entire US Intelligence System

Russia  Collapses  Entire  US  Intelligence System  Using  Microsoft,  Facebook  And  Google

A very interesting (and actually gleefully written) Federal Guard Service (FSO) report circulating in the Kremlin today claims that the United States entire Domestic Surveillance Directorate (DSD) has been brought to near total collapse due to Federation intelligence analysts utilizing American tech giants Microsoft, Facebook and Google “spying agreements” to achieve a “digital tsunami” that has, in just barely 3 years, rendered the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) multi-billion-dollar Utah Data Center (UDC) obsolete.

The Federal Guard Service is responsible for safeguarding presidential, governmental and other types of special communications and information provided to all Federation government ministries while the United States Domestic Surveillance Directorate states it’s mission is to “collect, process, and store U.S. citizen data for the good of the Nation”, while the Utah Data Center (code-named Bumblehive) is described as a  massive data repository” designed to cope with the vast increases in digital data that have accompanied the rise of the global network.

In 2013 the Federal Guard Service became “alarmed” when top secret NSA documents were released by one of their employees, Edward Snowden, showing how America’s largest tech giants were working in private with US intelligence agencies to spy not just on the American people but, indeed, the whole world.

Upon the release of Snowden’s NSA documents the Federal Guard Service ordered all Federation ministries to begin using typewriters for communication—but did allow the continued use of Microsoft (Outlook) and Google email and Facebook usage for “selected purposes”.  

As to what those “selected purposes” for Federation ministries using Microsoft, Google and Facebook were, President Putin’s order yesterday that they now be totally banned for use.  

And, according to these details, in 2013 the Federation had no existing counterpart to immediately replace
Microsoft-Google-Facebook communications, but upon Federation computer intelligence experts discovery that Microsoft had given the NSA unrestricted access to their users encrypted messages, Google had made a secret alliance with the NSA, and Facebook had become the perfect mass surveillance tool for both the NSA and FBI, a “once in a lifetime/forever” opportunity was seen for the Federation to “strike back” against the Americans.

This “once in a lifetime/forever” opportunity was made even more “grander” in 2015 when it was discovered that Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, would not allow its auto-spying function to be turned offthus allowing the NSA to have immediate access to all personal data, including content (such as the content of emails, other private communications or files in private folders) on any computer that installed it. 

To how best to exploit the outrageous spying of Microsoft-Google-Facebook against not only the Federation, but the whole world, this report says, was provided in Edward Snowden’s leaked NSA documents that provided the massive number of “keywords American intelligence analysts were using to flag what they considered 'suspicious communications' and/or computer files.  

Once knowing these NSA “keywords”, Federation intelligence analysts then began “flooding” the NSA with tens-of-millions of emails, files and other such computer documents on a daily basis from not only official Russian ministry computers using Microsoft-Google-Facebook, but from all other governments in the world, too. (Yea!  You GO Russia! Thanks for helping out us peon Americans who also are being 'spied' on!!!!) 

Not just from governments, either, did the NSA get “flooded” with Federation derived “keyword” messages, but from personal and company computers from ordinary citizens in these countries, too—including the United States where this report estimates the NSA, over the past 3 years, has had to flag nearly every single one of their citizens emails and/or computer files for them being 'suspected' of having “terrorist linkages”—and that has put millions of them on their governments 'terror watch' lists. (Would this not ALSO INCLUDE NSA EMPLOYEES??!!)

With the NSA having no ability to physically read the hundreds-of-millions (if not billions) of Federation derived “keyword” inspired emails and computer documents flooding into their servers, they’ve been rendered useless in determining who are real terrorists and who aren’t—but that hasn’t stopped these American “spy idiots  from putting even babies on their 'terror watch' list as they did with 7-month-old “Baby Doe” this past year. 

To how exactly Federation intelligence experts were able to exploit Microsoft-Google-Facebook to over whelm the NSA with a literal tsunami of digital information remains in the highly classified portions of this report—but it is interesting to note the 2013 news reports of the sudden Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking events allowing hackers to spoof the IP address of another entity to misdirect traffic so the receiver would have no idea where it actually came from. 

This report concludes by noting that, as of now, Federation intelligence experts are estimating that the US Domestic Surveillance Directorate’s Utah Data Center is now holding in their servers 4-6 billion gigabytes of essentially useless information with more flooding in on a daily basis and that the American’s are unable to stop—or make sense of.   

Sorcha Faal
September 28, 2016


  1. Priceless!!!!!!!!!

  2. And yet, security will not be affected.

  3. I was really liking this article until I got to the bottom of it and seen it was written by Sorcha Faal the queen of satire!

  4. Freewill - take it from one who has been in the 'business' of intel for 45 + years - there is MORE TRUTH in these articles than in most alternative media issued in the US. Do your research before you open mouth and insert both feet 'cause it proves you don't know EVERYTHING! And those who call every thing 'fear porn', 'crap', 'bullshit', etc. don't really know squat! Unless one is reading the funny papers, there is always truth plus disinfo. Try studying ALL the alternative media. When you find one that is always 'right' and 'on target' (in YOUR opinion), be sure to let us old pros know about it. The younguns always think they are the only ones who 'get it right.'