Monday, September 26, 2016

Censorship : GOOGLE & YOUTUBE

YouTube  to  ‘Fight  Trolls’  by  Hiring  Army  of  Trolls  to  Delete  Videos  They  Disagree  With

Google-owned network slammed for new lurch towards political censorship


  1. Zionist Jews control FB, Google, and other social sites. And 6 Zionist controlled corporation control nearly all of US New Media.
    Zukerberg is not his real name. CIA financed him $500,000 to start FB. Two years ago, Zuke sold everyones FB data to cia for million, then months later claimed the site was hacke. Likely part of the NSA (Israeli spyware program) and all data, as from NSA, is routed through Israel.
    See Benjamin Fulford reports for how these zionist are being shut down. (NAZI = NAtional ZIonists)

  2. They all talk about shutting everything down, and we will have our country back, but nothing ever seems to change, and will believe it when the chemtrails stop, their planes shot down, Obama, and two million others, along with other countries zionists, are hung by the neck until dead, and then stoned, and shot all to hell- How's that for reality? Hey, at least I'm being honest, and if the cabal and internet 'fuzz' don't like it, 'F''em all-I really hope they are all caught and prosecuted, with the death sentence, and get our country back the way it should be-