Monday, September 26, 2016

Video: Are You A Sovereign Citizen??-- If So, Here's How LEO's Are Being Trained To Handle You.......


  1. Ok.. a sovereign.. That is God as he is the only sovereign!
    A Citizen is a slave to a corporation! I am neither!

    UNITED STATES A corporation? hmmm.. open your statutes and codes book and tell me what 28 U.S.C. 3002 says!

    And one more thing.. You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.. What is a bill of attainer? A traffic ticket that has no victim!

    I suggest you read up on your Title 5 U.S.C. dealing with the clear distinction of U.S. Citizens and American Nationals.

    This is all in your own codes and rules!

  2. Anyone with an SSN is one of their employees. Anyone not one of their corporate stooges is an enemy of the State by their decree. Moving ones citizenship from a union state to the District of Columbia in order to tax your income is an act of terrorism according to the Court ruling in Luther v. Borden. Lets not forget the Courts ruled we are sovereign in U.S. v. Fox, U.S. v. Lee, U.S. v. United Mineworks, and the Ninth Circuit Court ruling in Richardson v. Secretary of State. Anyone taking an oath loses their American citizenship and becomes an agent of the U.N. According to 26 CFR. The SSN is an IMF entity account I.D. number, Prima facia evidence your name in all caps with that number is not you. I have three court rulings stating that my name in all caps is not me and I have "no standing in the courtroom to file the paperwork because I was not the ALL CAP NAME and I was not a BAR associated attorney". I was also told by another judge that if I was not a corporation or an attorney that could represent the corporation (ALL CAP NAME) then I had no business in his courtroom. They know!!!! Your driver's license is issued to a corporation, otherwise a 16 year old could not get the license because the minimum age to contract with the corporate State to operate a motor vehicle on their roads is 18, and yes I did get them to admit this and they told my son to sign his name in all CAPS on the license followed by a little TM indicating it was a trademark. Unfortunately the cops are being misinformed. They have no jurisdiction over an American National that does not have a SSN or drivers license as American Nationals are not one of their employees. On the flip side, you cannot use the trusts property without permission of the trustees. This constitutes Unjust Enrichment and theft thru use, so its a catch 22. I don't write the codes I just write the Court briefs. The system is a fraudulent scam on the American people thanks to Abraham Lincoln!!!

    1. And because they swore oath to Interpol/ UN to uphold contract with the IMF therefore becoming foreign citizens, under Title 22 section 286B they cannot carry a gun or it is a felony if they do!

  3. It's real simple. It's called the Prime Law
    Article I: No person group of persons or government shall initate force, threat, of force, or fraud against any individual's self, property or contract.
    Article II: Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article I
    Article III: No exceptions shall exist for Article I and II

  4. this are the people who are still sleep and want to keep the old paradigm going I will pray for them .if not there is another planet waiting for them .