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Sunday, April 8, 2018

About the Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz
Apparently we are all trying to get the same place by different road. Except for Furgus, I know all of you fairly well.  This is a group of good and highly dedicated people and that is not in question.  My purpose in reaching out to you all is to share some information and encourage in-group problem resolution.

Almost two years ago, in May of 2016, we established the mandate to create The Continental Marshals Service. 

The history of the service is simple enough.  The service is split into two separate jurisdictions --- international land jurisdiction and international sea jurisdiction. Those officers working the land jurisdiction were called "Federal Marshals" and those working the sea jurisdiction were called "United States Marshals". 

There appears to be continuing confusion about where the Continental Marshals fit into the scheme of peacekeeping and law enforcement in this country. This is no doubt due to two circumstances. 

Thanks to our National-level States of States being moth-balled and rolled into State Land Trusts pending "our return" the State National Guard and State Militia Units have been unlawfully converted along with everything else and should more properly be called [Territorial] State Militias and [Territorial] National Guards--- because they are not being run by and under the authority of the actual States. 

Also, the actual Federal Marshals program was de-funded and phased out beginning in 1965, as the Territorial United States sought to reduce its costs and leave the international land jurisdiction of this country increasingly unoccupied and susceptible to criminal activities, especially inland piracy and interstate bank fraud and human trafficking, which the Territorial United States promotes to advance its own bottom line.

To address this problem and at the same time underline the difference between the two marshal services, the sovereign unincorporated government issued the mandate to recall and re-form the Federal Marshals Service and chose the name "Continental Marshals" in the hopes that would make their jurisdiction explicit enough for people to see the difference and understand it.

The Continental Marshals occupy a unique jurisdiction. They are not State Militia officers. They are not some kind of "other" State National Guard, either. 

It is crucial that everyone understands that The Continental Marshals Service exists by mandate of the sovereign (means "unincorporated") government dba The United States of America and works under our direct delegation of power. No element of the land jurisdiction power was ever delegated---national, international, or global.  The Continental Marshals work for us, directly.

The Flow of Power Structure looks like this:

People > Counties > States > The United States of America (Unincorporated) > [National] United States > [National] States of States >[Territorial] United States > [Territorial] States of States > Federated Counties >U.S. Citizens

***Thanks to the chicanery that has gone on, both the [National] United States and the [National] States of States have been moth-balled.  This is the level of our government which is being restored. 

The United States Marshals work for the Territorial United States exercising our delegated power. 

So the first issue is -- who do Continental Marshals work for?  The Continental Marshals work for the actual American Government--- the Union of states doing business as The United States of America (Unincorporated) since 1776---and under direct mandate and contract with us.  Continental Marshals work within the Postal District framework.

The Continental Marshals do not work for the Territorial United States; it's the United States Marshals who are under contract to them, exercising the power we delegated to them in the international jurisdiction of the sea. United States Marshals all work within the United States District framework.

It goes at this time, thanks to the fact that the National level of our government is missing in action, is  like this:

People > States >The United States of America > Continental Marshals > Postal District Courts operating within Postal Districts. 

People > States > The United States of America > the [Territorial] United States > United States Marshals > United States Courts operating within United States Districts.

The only difference(s) are that in the case of the U.S. Marshals, there is a foreign middleman, the [Territorial] United States---which is also under contract to us-- directing operations in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

Continental Marshals are international officers and don't work under the auspices of any state government or group of state governments.

Ideally, they work closely with United States Marshals and the FBI to combat international/interstate crimes and peripherally with state and local peacekeeping and law enforcement officials in the pursuit of their duties.

For the success of The Continental Marshals Service, we have to stick together and aim for high professional and personal standards.  Most crucially, we have to thoroughly --- and I mean THOROUGHLY --- understand jurisdictional issues and the protocols that allow us to work with law enforcement and peacekeeping officials from other jurisdictions.

We can't be splintering off into all sorts of wannabe competing private security service operations functioning under different names, signing contracts and calling ourselves "Continental Marshals" apart from The Continental Marshals Service program and further confusing an already confusing situation.

If we want the Continental Marshals to have respect and credibility and be effective, we must have a united front and a united training program and an integrated intelligence service network. 

Thanks to a lot of hard work over the last two years we are in striking distance of finishing off the last legal and lawful tasks needed to make the Continental Marshals fully operational -- and not a moment too soon.  We are also closing in on receipt of funding for our peacekeeping operations.  

What I would like to see is for everyone to recognize the necessity of working together and putting aside any personal differences to build The Continental Marshals Service and the Postal District Courts. 

Chief Paul Murray has vast experience in what I shall call the in-house "Federal Marshals Service" that was directed by the U.S. Marshals Service from 1965 to 2010.  Although this was not operating separately, as it should have, they addressed the jurisdiction that the Continental Marshals operate in and he is very familiar with the protocols of the U.S. Marshals Service and their United States District Courts. 

I would like to see him putting that experience to use developing a training program for all new Continental Marshals, subject to my review to make sure that the nuances of the jurisdictional issues are clear, and with assistance and review by an in-house Training and Personnel Development Committee to set the minimum standards of training, levels of training, and core curriculum.

All service contracts of The Continental Marshals Service must be in accord with their mandate to serve the actual states and people and no service contracts can be signed right now apart from that mandate.

We cannot have people "free-lancing" and we cannot have state-level officers calling themselves "Continental Marshals" just because it sounds good.

I have suggested several times that since the Territorial United States' is operating under names like "State of Michigan National Guard", the obvious way for the states to organize their own militia and national guard is to use the name "Michigan" --- "Michigan Militia" and "Michigan National Guard".  That way you are clearly stating that you are operating in your proper jurisdiction (on the land) and that you are NOT in competition with or associated with the "State of Michigan National Guard". 

Anyway, I trust people continue to have questions and invite discussion. 
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