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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blocked Transfer of Funds

By Anna Von Reitz

While most Americans are blissfully unaware of the fact, an insidious "lock down" of our economy has occurred. It's something that not even the top of the top of the top ranks of international bankers understand --- but nearly all large funds transfers into and out of America are being blocked.

I have observed this for some time and what has become clear is that some parties have the ability to block funds and to trade funds, but don't have the "Go!" button. Theirs is an entirely negative function. All they can say is "No", not "Yes".

Slowly, this small cadre of un-elected, unauthorized agency personnel is, like a python, squeezing America to death.

They are strangling us in the name of protecting us.

Their excuse, of course, is to prevent importation of drug money and money laundering and to prevent off-shore tax sheltering in general, but in reality, their function has become lawless and sinister. Even transactions that have all their provenance and all their approvals and have gone through all the many steps required to prove that they are clean and legitimate and voluntary and blah, blah, blah, blah ---- are being blocked for no reason.

This is happening with large funds transfers and with relatively small transfers -- amounts as small as $50,000 -- and nobody can explain it, but it is simple enough. The old cabal is still hanging on via Homeland Security's ability to block and redirect funds transfers, long after these jokers need to be replaced and removed.

It also smacks of international theft and misappropriation of funds. Sometimes the transfers simply "disappear" and wind up weeks or months later on private trading platforms with the proceeds earmarked to go to individuals with no known authority to interfere with the transfers, trade the funds, or profit from them.

President Trump seems unaware or unable to do anything about it. International officials at the so-called Treasury are no better. The Bankruptcy Trustees appointed by Secondary Creditors, are, of course, only working in the interests of those who appointed them and generally doing their best to disregard the Priority Creditors and our interests.

So today I am issuing a public complaint.

Transfers to The American States and Nations Bank / ASAN, like transfers generally, are being blocked for no credible reason. We are not a commercial bank and function exclusively in international trade. We are not subject to any Territorial or Municipal statute, code, or agency----nor are we subject to their Bankruptcy Trustees. This obstruction and restraint of trade against our sovereign government, The United States of America (Unincorporated), is unconscionable and unlawful and must be promptly corrected.

Insomuch as our business is private and Third Party and sovereign with respect to both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States which received their delegated powers from us and which we now exercise ourselves or have re-delegated to other federal partners as a result of their bankruptcy, there is no excuse for any interference in our affairs or the affairs of any corporation we own.

This situation is like having a derelict bankrupt son and his best buddy preventing you from controlling your own bank business and trying to tap into your assets to pay off their creditors--- when you are yourself, by far, their largest priority creditor.

So this is Public Fair Notice and Complaint that the US Bankruptcy Trustees and the Treasury and the so-called Homeland Security forces need to get their act together and stop "misplacing" and blocking and trading on assets that don't belong to them or to their debtors----- clean up and clear the system.

As a final note, the official logo and emblem of The American States and Nations Bank/ASAN is the American Bison, otherwise known as the Buffalo. Like the people who are increasingly coming home, they were once on the brink of extinction--- but have made a great comeback.

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  1. Judge Anna's petition should be directed at our military.

    New OFAC Executive Order which mentions Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler corrupt dealings with the Congo.
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    The US is under Martial law (gold braid around US flag) therefore the Military is governing plus there exists the Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons ...

    Video: Donald Trump Declares A National Emergency And Financial Martial Law Against Globalists

    "OFAC acts under presidential wartime and national emergency powers, as well as authority granted by specific legislation, to impose controls on transactions and freeze foreign assets under U.S. jurisdiction."


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  3. U.S. is under Martial Rule but nevertheless, The Constitution's cannot cease to be in full force and effect even though they may want you to believe that. Remember E.O's are part of the Corporation and do not apply to you unless you are a federal legal person/14th amendment/U.S. citizen... then well it does i guess. they are confusing jurisdictions against us and we are too confused to understand, but the fog is clearing

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