Thursday, April 12, 2018

DARPA & CIA Giant Alien UFO Mothership

Inside DARPA & CIA Giant Alien UFO 
Mothership For Blue Beam Project & Alien Invasion

Published on Nov 26, 2017 
Fake Alien Invasion is coming within the next 10 years.  

And DARPA is busy constructing alien mother ships. This one is built from titanium and a size representing a baseball stadium.
It's unmanned but later you will see that it fits over 100 humans if needed and they can freely walk inside. It's outfitted with lasers and hologram projectors to make alien invasion as realistic as possible to establish a New World Order under the false pretenses. 
Later you will hear the official CIA agent interview that was never aired anywhere because the project is top secret. 
The CIA agent says spheres are being built for Navy and Homeland Security needs, but their true purpose is to move over US megapolis at Day X and create scenes of giant stadium sized alien spheres projecting holograms. 
They are the essential part of the Blue Beam project.


  1. Yeah, right on! I want to see it hovering over my space. Just saying

  2. It was published 11-26-17. I think we're a little beyond that date. I've read more than one time that this scam would not be allowed. Hopefully, all the info that WWIII would not be allowed is true too. They are beating that war drum mighty hard right now.