Mexico US border being overrun! 
Over 100 Syrian terrorists just caught! 
Military asking for patriots to assist 
immediately closing holes along entire border!

Orders are come heavy and if shot at, shoot back!
Correct number is 42,000 trying to cross the border!

Contact General Terry Kelly at 205-388-9889
Contact Lt. Commander Payton at 702-275-2712
More news will be posted when available!

News of this on ham bands. 3.860.00 khz lsb 80 meter.
Nothing on mainstream! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Donation to assist in efforts to restore our republic

I hate to ask but money is too tight this month. I have not asked since January but I need to ask now. We have been moving forward with taking back our country. I try to cover what I can from my pocket and my job has been very slow. Work has just picked up a little but the pay is still short. Servers, bills, domains, security, etc... it all costs money. If anyone is willing to pitch in and assist, your donations will be greatly appreciated and are going to a worthy cause.