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Thursday, April 12, 2018

No TDA's

By Anna Von Reitz
I don't know how to make this more explicit --- I DO NOT recommend that average Americans sign up for Treasury Direct Accounts -- TDA's. 

The best information I have says that those accounts are intended for federal employees and federal dependents and are only for people seeking bankruptcy protection, not those of us who are seeking the return of our actual assets which are owed to us via a separate probate process. 

If you are in fact a federal military or civilian employee at this time, if you are in fact a political asylum seeker, operating a federally chartered corporation, are an African-American with no other choice---- then by all means, sign up for a TDA and protect your ESTATE as well as you can and claim as much benefit as you can. 

It is possible that this program or one similar to it will be used and/or launched to streamline the separate and substantially different remedy owed to those of us who are claiming back our ESTATE as reversionary trust property, but until that is straightened out and "officially" tweaked, getting a TDA could confuse the administration of your accounts and property titles and other assets.  
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  1. Maybe a statement in the TDA claim stating that until the reversionary trust property"program" is straightened out and officially tweaked my only remedy is to use TDA
    Blacks law;
    Definition of REVERSIONARY TRUST: An irrevocable trust in the USA that is revocable after the trustors death or after a set time period has.

    1. Yes; they are waiting to kill off as many as they can before having to give up one dime.

  2. More thoughts, this is the first time I've heard of "separate probate process" stated above. Is this a new Diversion tactic they've came up with? When we request for our trust to balanced out and a new account started using the registered mail # doesn't that Kill the orginal while leaving the remedy open as to Your bills are paid?
    Where do we find more on the subject.