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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The “Secret Owl Society”

Exposing The “Secret Owl Society” Soaring Through History

There is a fair amount of evidence that the owl is the chief symbol of an elite yet undiscovered secret society moving through history. 

In this article we’ll examine this evidence and uncover the lineage of this secret society. We’ll also learn how the magic, majestic, and nocturnal owl actually symbolizes an ancient self-empowerment doctrine once known and practiced worldwide.

Top Left: Owl on Merchants Building on Broadway at 4th Street in NYC. Top Right: Detail on the Catford Broadway Theatre, London. Bottom Left: Owl depicted on the façade of the Woolworth Building in Manhattan, NYC. Bottom Right: Owl on a bridge of the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut.

A “Secret Owl Society”—a hidden, fraternal Order that uses the owl as its trademark—could very well be exerting a hidden yet continuous and measurable influence on world affairs, undetected by scholars, journalists, and historians.
Its members, possibly those same scholars,  journalists, and historians, are well-versed in mystical traditions, ancient mystery teachings, and eastern philosophies.
This Secret Owl Society remains well-hidden. But if we look back in time and connect all the fraternal orders that have owl logos, we begin to see its lineage, operating for centuries.

Note the society’s chronology below:space

Chronicle of the Secret Owl Society

 Above: Is this the society’s hidden timeline?
Sacred Owl

Left: Built in the 1920, this forty-foot owl statue stands near a lake at the Grove. Since that time it has served as the site of the yearly Cremation of Care Ceremony. Right: Early 1900s. Very tall and very old Redwood trees — some over 1,200 years old.

The Bohemian Club has received very little press coverage since its inception in 1872. Though the Club itself is shrouded in secrecy, the bulk of what transpires at the Grove is somewhat documented; it appears to be a mixture of the American summer camp, a powerful ancient Pagan ritual, and the classical Greek symposium. Greek paganism is certainly an element, with a series of “Grove Plays” called “High Jinks” and “Low Jinks” performed at the Club.

Famous Bohemians

George H. Bush
George W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Henry Kissinger
Casper Weinberger
Dick Cheney
Malcom Forbes
Stephen Bechtel
James Baker
David Rockefeller
Tom Johnson
William Randolph Hearst Jr.
Jack Howard
Charles Scripps
Walter Cronkite

Add to this list a host of prominent CEOs and business leaders, most of them 'conservative', many of them from California, 99 percent of them white men.
Left: Summer, 1967 at “Owls Nest Camp” with two future U.S. presidents: Ronald Reagan, Harvey Hancock (standing), Richard Nixon and Glenn Seaborg. Right: Painted portrait of Haig Patigian with Bohemian Owl in background, by Peter Ilyin (1927). Online Archive of

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  1. My understanding is that someone took Ronald Reagan there once, he would not stay and got out of there in a hurry when he saw what was going on. Ken T.

    1. And took a picture of him for blackmail purposes?

  2. Same here. Reagan went and was totally shocked and got the hell out of there. Reagan was an Aquarian. They are said to be 50 years ahead of the rest of the population and more in tune with Spirit.

  3. California, cali fornia, kali fornication, shiva, bolshevism.