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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Arrest Warrants for Bush and Obama

Subject: Fwd: Arrest Warrants for Bush and Obama

Date: July 2, 2013
Subject: Arrest Warrants for Bush and Obama

Worldwide Arrest Warrants have been issued for the arrest of former US President George W. Bush and US President Barack Obama for WAR CRIMES. Warrants have been issued by an independent War Crimes Tribunal attached to the HAGUE in Netherlands. More WARRANTS are expected against other US Politicians and Generals. Attorneys representing Bush and Obama are recommending that they do not leave the boundaries of the United States but they forget that INTERPOL has Diplomatic Immunity in the United States!
Here is a U-Tube Video Report:


  1. In this video they talk about Obama's upcoming trip to Africa and Bush can not leave the country for fear of arrest but today Bush and Obama are both in Africa and boarded the planes to come back here to US earlier today, no one arrested anybody, why not?

    1. Because it is a lie like every other post on this website.

  2. Bush and Obama were extremely worried! They went to Africa, hung out, and had a good ole time! Apparently the HAGUE was bought by the duo! The HAGUE is nothing more than actors/puppets for the worlds wealthy elitists!! If you have enough money the HAGUE will make sure you live a long fruitful life!

  3. just don't get rid of your guns! that is their plan, to disarm america then all they have to do is round us up and put us in their fema death camps, they are killing the homeless in the camps now! we are next! god says to do everything you can, do not get obama's rfid chip from obamacare, to god you are worshiping satan and you will go to hell- type in- and i saw the beast taking the mark of the beast! our magic negro is making it mandatory that every man, woman and child, in the usa will recieve this chip implanted into your right hand or forehead, read book of revelations last book in the bible about the mark of the beast! it also has a dose of cyanide in it to kill you if you disobey! obama needs to be impeached, arrested and put his ass in prison where it belongs- type in- prediction obama will be hung for high treason in usa! he has been murdering christians world wide for years, the usa is loaded with christians, he has the muslim brotherhood here to help get rid of the christians here in the usa along with russian troops, german, and chinese troops to help also! the only way to stop this is stop obama before he gets the chance to give the order to begin murdering the christians here in the usa! if nothing is done to stop it- it won't end until all the christians in the usa are dead! egypt wants obama and hillary clinton for crimes against humanity, let's send them there, problem solved! their goal is to wipe out every christian on this planet, and it is working christians are being murdered everyday all over the world--that lunatic in the white house is muslim and from kenya, want proof? type in his full name--barack hussein obama admits born in kenya! click on the picture that says naturalized not natural born! he is in front of a live audience and admits he is not a american citizen, that he was not born in hawaii, that he comes from kenya and that he is muslim! type in- grounds for impeachment: michelle obama is a transvestite! if obama gets the chance to declare martial law and he can't unless there is a major threat nation wide, so type in- the cia will shoot obama and blame it on the christians! type in- cia orders arrest and execution of christians in usa! type in- cia admits making fake osama bin laden video's! type in- obama is osama bin laden 100% proof! wake the hell up america!