Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dinar Intel - Tony TNT Call - -7-6-13

Saturday,   July 6, 2013
Tony TNT Dinar call

Are you guys ready for the party to begin?
Trying to get started
but too many of you guys
but getting overloaded
I know you can hear me
trying to get on the screen so I can operate
about 4000 on the call
It may be whats freezing things up.
Before the call - it worked just fine.
ok guys
going to call the company
may not be able to do Q & A today
but I will give you the info
( technical difficulties )

Tony:   I don't want anyone to bridge onto the HOST #, but on the other # is ok.
Hold on...( issues with the lines and being able to record )
One more time

Here's what I'm going to do
no recording

Super Fantastic Day
This is not recorded.
I know you'll have questions - after I give you the info...
Want me to do it, w/out explaining
As you know things came up real quick, can't thank the ppl enough,  Pam and Montana, working tirelessly, putting this together.
You want to thank them.
Thank the ppl that are signed up.
Thank you for all the comments.
Funny.... 2600 on the site, for a site that's getting started, and 6000 ppl going to Vegas
How does that happen????
We wanted to judge how many wanted to do this.
But some ppl think that $ in your pocket, will change things
So we will do a formal registration before we do it.

The site itself
I have the 
Everyone went out,  CHAT ROOM,  Justun put it together and said LET IT BE OUR SITE.
I'm grateful that the family is working together.
On the chat site,  feel good,  mods,  just like in the Forum,  not even sure we need mods,  happy...but you need to know on the Chat side, I'm not controlling the data base...thank you for that, he had it available,  so I don't control the data base or where it will go, but we are thankful for it.




Q & A is on
I can't believe you guys
PPL in Q & A so fast
Big thank you to the ppl putting the site together so fast and the chat room.
Let's go on....
News in IRAQ,  same as yesterday, how great its going to be,  Russia / Italy,   dancing in the streets, celebrating Ch. 7
What I know
thats from live ppl.
But there is a reason
You're no dummy's
They are trying to keep the ppl calm
until they do what they need to do
Keep them happy
because things are about to change
What are they thinking?
Any minute now.
They're looking for it every single day.
Just like you and I.
And they don't know why it didn't happen yet.
This is what I got from ppl that are involved in the process.
10 Days from the 27th of June.
Another part of the agreement was that Iraq and the ppl there would have it first.
$ on the cards, and less cash to deal with, and educate the ppl.
Here is the problem.
All the cards didn't get updated or released.
This isn't classified.
2 things happened.
Thurs. and Friday -  they put in new codes for 4 countries, that couldn't wait for the 2nd basket.
They ran it thru the system.
They were there yesterday
and They're working this morning.
And the other thing was the cards that didn't come out.
Iraq got a 2 day extension.
Lets see what happens.
Will it take 2 days?
It could happen today, tomorrow, Sunday......
We'll see, as we get calls,  this morning,  the cards are active and the rate is 3.44
and our rate will be HIGHER.
I can't tell you how I know it,  but I know it.
You would be happy.
But that is still their rate.
Trying to give you the biz. side, then the banking side.
Possibility of it being this morning, or today,  not concerned with what time it is anywhere.
When it gets done - its done.
There was an agreement that a formal announcement was going to be done.
Too late in the game.
If the timing is right, there may or may not be an announcement when it happens.

There were ppl at the banks.
PPl at the call centers.
PPl at the banks now,  from 7 - to  11
Not going to change.
They are scheduled to work on Sunday
and if it does happen, they will be open for Dinar appts. only.
I wanted to talk to the Banker, tried to talk w/ him this morning.
We scheduled to talk at 9:30 EST on Monday.
So then I'll be able to give you the info.....
I'm talking to a bank,  let me read the info here:
Hold on, be sure to get it right
speak at 9:30,  the location I'm talking to,  is the NEW FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE BRANCH
thats what they do, but their headquarters is right down the street from them,  they'll have 8 ppl doing the exchange.
Down the street they'll have 20,   they'll be AUTHORIZED to give you the HIGHEST rate, at THEIR DISCRETION.
More with Sugar than w/ Vinegar.
Know how to act.
They will at some point at DOUBLE DIGITS --double digit numbers,  and I don't mean months down the road.
Could happened today,  they got the extension
The US wanted it done by the 5th or from the UN 27th,  they want it done by Ramadan, that was always told to be done by Ramadan.
Could happen any minute.  That was from a high up source.
The issue though -- right now -- is them getting the rest of the cards out.
My guy couldn't get on the call, he sent me a text or I'd have him call over there.
I told you there is a live rate at the bank.... not down to the teller level.
Sorry I didn't get to speak to the banker himself.
3 banks CHASE, BOFA, and WF are all saying they will give the HIGHEST rate, competition to the other guys.
Told you, you do have OPTIONS
Everyone doesn't have to go thru the 888 number
There are privileged ppl,   banks made calls yesterday
The real world does work like that
The next cycle you'll be the PRIVILEGED PERSON
ok, lets do some Q & A real quick and then enjoy our weekend.

c-never want to come in last,  never come in 2nd
always hear about the top 10
t- all the time
c- Shabs in NY
T- nope, haven't heard it from anyone
c- the Marshals at the banks
t- not only are they there, and the active ones get the opportunity,  but as soon as this happens, and i'll give you the exact bank and you can go and ask them
c- one bank?
t- I know 2 regions that they are in
t- i know 2 places that they are
c- unusual
t- whats unusual is they are active duty
t- what makes sense, is that a Security Firm, there's not enough out there, but also as used as Witness's for your transaction, so I understand why they're doing that.
c- directly related to the RV
t- oh I know they are directly related,  they told us why they were hired
c- Texas
c- must have missed the info on signing up for Vegas, is it to exchange there, or to celebrate
c- not a group or anything
t- no
c- actually believe we'll see a higher rate than 3.44
t- its what I was told, its coming out higher
c- blessings on you and everyone that is helping you put it together
t- ty
( discussed moving over from PTR and where they live )
(wanted to say thanks for the 10K note from the other site & the great response you've gotten, and you'll always be blessed , you and your family and TNT )
c- wondering, all those good ppl in Iraq, that gave you Intel over the months, any way post RV that we can have a fund set up?   Want to donate to them, their families, they risked a lot, surely grateful, a nice gesture?
T- I absolutely love it,  there's a bunch of different ppl,  and they have family over here, the guys w/ the TV , they want to open their own  fish market, when it happens,  and we mentioned helping them,  they want their own mom and pop biz. over here,  i wanted to bring them out, one guy owns a major company in that country and he bought his own helicopter last month, he's doing good,  but there are some we could help.
.... priority in the banks to cash in, relatives,  but as a group , bring as many as we can to Vegas, and bring them up on the stage,  even 3 letter guys,  out of biz. by then, lol,  no jobs,  then know who they really are,  credentials.
c-- ( muffled )
c-hows that
t- better
c- if RayRen......honored to be part of this
c- look forward to shake your hand
question was answered
c- couple of questions
c- mentioned 24 currencies that couldn't wait???
t- NO  4 currency's that couldn't wait for the 1st basket
c- will your new site be sending out email notices to members
of the RV?
t- members built this site, and put my name on it
t- I haven't contracted with anyone
t- I don't even know we have time to do that,  i think we are at the door.
t- right now, just trying to keep you up to date
t- maybe that will be the next project over the weekend
c- I sincerely hope you don't have time to do it
c- appreciate being on your site
t- enjoy your day
c- on my way to test drive a Tesla,  why not, right ?
t- whats your prefix
c- 858
t- my screen just froze again
c- you spoke yesterday about the banks, sending us to a larger metropolitan area, and i live in San Diego,   have 44 ppl,  and our ... told us he'd give us Private Banker,  will San Diego - or send us to a diff. city.
T- you'll always be able to work w/ your private banker, and not have to use the 888 number
T- the ones I listed, were just major banks...
c- you are waiting on info re: the perks, ...
t- exchange info and what level,  but the system was down,  at 11am est. and it was still down today, but because they are a brand new one, they were upgrading the system and then they'll go thru it,  but conf. w/ me at 9:30 est on Monday,  so anything that he's able to do, that means there are others that can do the same thing
c- Iraq ...
t- the agreement was to have their cards active first, and get them used to the cards over cash.
c- as far as getting into chat, its very difficult,  pass on to admin,
T- we'll have a guy work on that
t- ppl are coming together and doing this real quick,  I want to put the disclaimer,  I don't control the data base, I will with the Forum, but not the chat.
c- ... win a car.... but Vegas is my place.....
TONY- its frozen , can't get into the site now.....
next caller
c- can't hear you well, but something else will happen on the 7th, if this doesn't happen by then
t- ppl talked about Iraq would be put back into Ch. 7, if they didn't  and we know they got an extension, but they got it, and they're moving along,  everyone wants it done and over with at this point.   The Egypt deal could have put brakes on it.
Here is the thing, they're not talking about the currencies on the TV the last few days.
The ppl haven't forgotten about it.
c- heard there will be an announcement here for Basel 3 on Monday
t- they already announced it last week
c- we're completely basel 3 in this country?
t- as far as I know
c- heard way back, from ppl that are high up,  that banks wouldn't let it be for exchange in this country, but here we are July 6,  is there a possibility even remote, to stop it from being exchanged in this country
t- if our Gov. didn't want us to have it,  we wouldn't have it,  anytime in the last 10 years they could have changed the law and there would be nothing we could do about it
( elaborated on this answer )
c- will there be another event in Tahoe
c- live an hour from Tahoe
( talking about the things to do in Tahoe )
t- tell you about this,  actually Montana,  did she ask you to call in
c- why - does she live there?
t- no she wanted to do smaller venue's and enjoy it,  East Coast event, and West coast event
c- prettier than Vegas
t- it would be funny to have the event in Reno
t- lol
c- ( bad connection )
c- have you had a Monte Cristo Pyramid Cigar
c- 3 years ago, we were on a board
t- for us to take time to develop a real site,  we might not be here that long, think you are going to be busy
c- God bless you and keep up the good work, super fantastic
c- the 10 day period, looked at the UN mandates,  all I could find was they moved the missing persons etc.. from Kuwait, how solid is that info that they have 10 days to do it
t- it is, posted anywhere,  no, you have to know someone, otherwise everyone would know
it would slip out... see what everyone is aiming for,  the date they put out themselves...televising it ... 
c- time period
t- they always said it was a 2 year process,  so 2014 could be it, but as soon as it happens, I think they'll give us guidelines
c- do you think the rate will be over $7
t- I don't think it's going to start there
c- not going to show those cards
c- is your nickname Dynamite?
c- since you have TNT
t- no lol
c- remember when you read the letter from the broker, bond packages held up, and I'd gotten it from my local guy and was surprised to hear it from you,  I wan on another site and a certain person took a pic - of the Qi card,  and the rate was 1166,  and inferred that there was no 3.44 rate,  could that person, w/ that card, not be active yet?  So that's the way I looked at it.
Here is what I got from my commodities guy,  had not been a believer, he's from the ME,  today he got a call who said that had a contact in Dubai,  and said MAN THEY ARE GOING CRAZY,  MONEY ON THE CARDS AND THAT DINAR THING MIGHT ACTUALLY GO.
T- more and more leading up to it, as it becomes self evident,  and I know what you are talking about on the other sites,  I thought he used his own card,  if you found an Iraqi citizen, and it didn't work,  we know on FB only certain ppl's cards worked,  so to pick 1 person out of ten Million,  that means its not happening????  That's what bothers me.  So narrow minded.  Its this way or no way.
If I can't find the one guy whose card works, then its not true..... ( elaborated on this topic )
They got a 2 day extension to get it done. I was an issue, but they got an extension. 
c- exactly right, and that's what I told my folks that come to me for info,  double standard, 
t- ask anyone anywhere,  especially in this situation,  global, where there is back doors, and that's for anyone
I give you info and 2 days later its on the board, but I'm not right about anything....
c- cards being activated in the order they were distributed, and I could tell there were problems with some cards,  and I just looked on that same site,  someone posted not until the summer of '14,  not going to talk to you again -lol,   just keep trying :)
t- guys,  I don't want to start anything with any other boards
t- I want you to discuss it,  debate it, 
t- thats how we learn
t- see what makes sense
t- if I knew 6 months ago, what I know today, I'd have said,  I'll see you in July  lol
c- ty
c- Mr. C
t- hi Mr. C
c- ty for all you do,  other opportunities, if we keep our eyes and ears open, will that be hard to do?
t- not hard to do, you won't like what I'm about to say,  but
t- talking chat room, and they have a whole list of ppl that are not going to come into the chat room, and still trying to figure out, how to have a more secure system,  register and verify IP address, and anyone passing it out,  but there are some I do want to enjoy basket 2, and 3,  and billion dollar company's... ( basically saying that he will share but not with certain ppl )
c- they don't deserve it
t-my mom wouldn't be proud of me for that
c- looking for assurance, on DC and DB, when you lock in a rate, turn in dinar in person, and get a cashiers check, is there a possibility that you deposit it, and the funds aren't there?
t- big question, I can't guarantee - I don't own the company, you have to look at that on your own,  I'd evaluate each company, is one more likely than the other,  they say both have had banking issues.......look at service you are receiving now, if its not up to par now, how would it be after the RV
c- well if all these ppl call in.....all of a sudden,  ( hard to hear him, listen to this on the replay, its about exchanging and the dealers )
t- they'll tell you they have it there, my money is being wired, so when I leave ,  my $ is in my acct., if I'm in a bank or an exchanger, my money is in my acct. , not taking a chance, don't want to be involved in, if something happens after I leave, what you are talking about now.
Its just what I would do.
c- you're my favorite person
c- can't wait to meet you....
t- I appreciate that...
c- want to give you a hug,  open to accept a hug from a 73 year old guy
t- lol
t- yeah
c- yesterday an article on the removal of the 3 zeros, did you come across that?
t- yep
c- did you pay attention
t- today was an article, talking about the 3 zeros' from Jan. Feb and they put it out again, so my question is why?  Why now, when they're planning to do it, when they already activated the Qi Cards,  supposed to be confusing,  not concerned at all,  I know whats going on at every level,  DC, Kurdistan, etc.. its just noise
c- the caller yesterday, about the $1M Merrill Lynch, delay for 6-8 weeks, did you get back w/ him
t- if this is 6-8 weeks, why would he bring his dinar in now then?  I don't doubt he was told that.
c-just thought there were ways for them to make money on your dinar
t- well, skr's,  they don't have to give it to you, they add it to their portfolio, banks aren't taking a chance, they're making money, are they delaying the Rv, but as soon as we turn in the dinar, they'll make more money.... ( elaborated on this thought process )
c- 5 different cities,  to exchange dinar, ( she's very low )
t- I know 1 thing,  don't think everyone will be directed to those, but thats the major ones
c- I went to 3 diff. Chase banks in my City and none said they'll participate in this and I know an Investment Banker and he said, Chase is not one that will accept the dinar.
t- I'd personally 3 way a Chase VP that flew to a major city in the Midwest and met w/ ppl and wanted them to sign up last week, the absolutely will,  designated 3 cities in the MidWest that they will absolutely cash out at..  Just because one person says it, doesn't make it Gospel.
c- just uninformed, wish there was  way I could know
t- what city?
c- Indianapolis
t- then if i told you, every caller would tell me the state
c- 888 #, and the website.. how will I know, and see it, to find out where?
t- I don't know ,  I won't know till it comes up,  don't think it will have flashing neon lights, but it will be there, and we'll post it on our site,, to try to make it easier for you, but they don't even know,  I talked to Chase, WF and BofA, they weren't given the # yet, they know it will be on the site,  and I know the call centers were set up, ....
c-ok, one more ?, so I can check myself, to know that the banks are going to give the highest rates,  negotiating power, where can I check, until I get an appointment
t- all the exchangers will have it on their sites,  and each bank will have it on their currency exchange site,  like they do now,  and update it first thing in the morning or hourly,  and you can call a branch and they'll call their currency dept. and give you the rate, but it is something that you'll have to follow.
c- i want to see it with my own eyes
t- every banks rate could be a little different, competitive, not like all the banks will give you the same rate,
c- ok, so can i go to the banks website 
t- then look at everyone of them every day, and look on the boards and see what they got
t- you won't sign an NDA,  no you're not, it's your money
t- great site, everyone will help everyone else
c- where do I go so I don't miss out
t- we'll help you as best as I can
t- try to make some calls and put the links on the site
c- haven't heard to much on the Dong today, anything new?
t- nothing new, just waiting for it to go thru, coming out w/ the dinar, it's over a $1 and we're close enough
c- got a situation, no trust, would I have issues doing the Dong, as the Dinar? Cash it in, to use..
t- they are setting things up for the Dong, the Dinar is tradeable now, can you do both at the same time,  but don't think they're setting up another 888 number for the dong.
c- i can do the Dong and use that money to set up my trusts, etc..
t- absolutely

t- yes ma'am
c- confused about things, not w/ PTR.......Hubby said Tony was fun and PTR wasn't fun anymore
c- put on PTR's board, and they weren't kind, since they weren't kind,......said it they way you said wouldn't believe the knocking and slamming...
t- I know Dan asked them yesterday,  everyone can see, even those that want to stay there, I'll tell you the same ones that were complaining, are the ones that posted,  so we know there intelligence level, if it wasn't before, it is now...
c- couldn't find you site over there, in the pages and pages over there at PTR
c- slams.....if you have nothing good to say.....
t- yep
c- we're grateful to you for doing the calls, you are just fun
c-couple weeks later, other sites, say the same thing, takes awhile to catch up, 
c- did Mods get beat up, hurt
t- doing what?
c- telling you info?
c- disgusting how bad they got beat up in Iraq, for leaking pictures
t- I thought the Mods at PTR....for leaking info...
c- no in Iraq
t- tell you what happened, over the course of the year, and the info and the level that we have, some  ppl got interested, kicked in their door and took the computers, hearing it was my fault, we were too specific - coming out of Parliament,  told the exact.... we were trying to let ppl know,  its been awhile,  we've been protective, that's why I don't give every detail,  that's why ppl call and say, have them go do things, or take pictures,  its a different world over there......( elaborated on this )
c- yeah we're spoiled here
c- grew up w/ a girlfriend, who played Basketball, and her family was from Iraq, came to America so their daughter wouldn't get stolen....disgusting things that happen to women.
t- its a shame that women have to live like that
t- our contacts are absolutely real and concerned with what we talked about today, and they give it to their family members over here.....Hot Dog man over there at the cafe.....
( something about the phone #)
t- there are 3 other lines today,  crazy jam packed
t- then I'll get calls on when the replay is up
t- got someone transcribing, that's Montana
t- she said 'can you keep the calls down to an hour'
t- trying to do that today
c- how about a cruise?
c- cater to....
t- we'll talk about it
c- appreciate everything, your Christian attitude...everything
c-thank you, to the TNT new family,  hoping Sunday/Monday is the day,  you think next week we can have the O'Jays money money money...
t- that was a long time to get it set up on PTR
T- but Ray might... he does on Open Mic
c- yeah, talk to your brother
c- if there is a black out,  Iraq is out of Ch.7, how is that possible
t- its not important to everyone in the US, its not main news, that we're about to be filthy rich millionaires
c- ... ME
T- go look at your news,  and tell me how many good things you see on the news, vs bad,  controversy sells, that's what they do, they don't say lets give them a round of applause, that's not going to happen
c- is it going to be news or hush hush
t- never main news,  might be on a financial channel, ie. look at what they achieved, and that's it
c- that's it?
c- everyone else won't know
t- yeah
t- what would happen if they told 100 million ppl, if the 3 million in the last 10 years were able to spend $1K and become a millionaires
c- well global change?
t- we are the ONLY ONES AS CITIZENS that are allowed to have the dinar,  the governments have it to ease their debt, they won't have 500,000 millionaires, etc.. we are the only country that will experience that,  they'll have long term growth, that's how they'll do it
c- ok, so you think from your sources, they're saying its coming to fruition on Sun/Mon?
t- it could come today, they worked 2 shifts, last night they were there, but when its complete they want to let it go, the goal was to have it done by tmrw, they wanted it done by Wed. everyone wanted it done by Ramadan,  the best Ramadan ever,  Ch.7 was announced and now they want to know WHERE IS OUR MONEY?
c- so your honest opinion, is this our last hurrah?
t- in my honest opinion, they are trying to get it done right now, got call after call, that they are still saying we should see it,  diff. ppl believe it has to be 2am for it to happen, and now they don't care what time, when it goes thru it goes thru, the banks have ppl there till 11 at night
c-sounds good, live and let live
c-comment, i work nights, so I should be asleep right now,  so if you could get the recorded call up quickly I'd appreciate it,  and then a year ago, NIB checking acct. w/ the Dodd Frank, any reason to keep ti
t- the non interest bearing acct. if ppl want their money protected and there is no limit
t- have to talk to the banker about it
t- ppl on the other side thought it was ready to go
t- to be ready
t- don't know
t- we're still there, still thinking its there
t- serves the same purpose, the $250K is going away, so...
c- great rest of weekend
c- want to tell the ppl who helped you get this site up,  if it weren't for them, you wouldn't be here
and of course I appreciate you too
c- Iraq got an extension,  and as soon as its done, they'll release it,  if they are done, and Iraq doesn't have all the cards out
t- don't think they'll do it w/out all the cards out, that's the agreement, whatever is wrong over there,  both of those things have to happen,  they gave them today,  but they didn't think it would take today,  wanted to make a call, and will after this, to see if the next group got paid today,  can go on FB,  don't think it would be on FB and put that info out....if it wasn't true,  my 3 letter guys over there, and the Cafe's - gave them better info then what they get, they get it from us
c- they don't have Tony there
c- RayRen - how do you get on his call
t- I don't know his #
t- did you register for ...
t- go over there....
c- come visit...
t- thank you for acknowledging the ppl that put this together, they went out and did this and its your site

c- ty for all the info, and for those who are working w/ you
c- when we get an appt. at the banks, is it going to be a long time, and will they verify the bills at the site
t- diff. procedures at diff. banks,  setting up separate rooms , you , the bank person and a security person, in a plastic bag, into a pouch in front of you,  pick ups all day long, as fast as they can
c- but you want to see the money go into your account
t- oh it will, if there is something wrong,  they'll adjust it later
c- homeland?
t-misunderstanding yesterday,  Okie called me,  someone called him and told him that Tony said that if they dialed the 888 # that the accts would be frozen from Homeland Security,  what???? Why would I say that, crazy!!!!
t- certain groups, terrorist, there is a certain criteria
t- don't have to worry about it,  if you do wire from acct. to acct. to acct.  then they'll look at it.  Your banker should go over things w/ you while you are there.
c- any branches will do De La Rue machines?
t- tell them you want to go to a De La Rue branch, tell them on the spot
c- live in southern Calif.
t- large areas,  NY etc..
c- if we don't have Private Bankers, we have to negotiate
t- you always have the options,  want to be assigned a Private Banker,  I have this much and want to work w/ them
Right at 2 hours
c-hey Tony
c ?????
t- super fantastic
c- super fantastic
c- sounds good, like, today tomorrow or Monday,  but going into Ramadan, what if, we don't, will Ramadan hold us off.
T- I do not,  if we don't , its a tech issue, but we're still going to go
c- so you'll be on a call, what do we do?
t- check the site,  if you go to another site,  and they say RV ,  come here, we'll be having a call
c- you're a real blessing,  love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts and you do it well
t- do it well, lol
c- have you seen the new pretzel dogs?
t- no
c- see you in Vegas



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  1. Poor TNT Tony.....he seems like a nice enough guy, but he is surely being played by the shill -masters like many of these other talking head (goo-roos) who love to hear themselves talk (ad nauseum) and feel important as the gullible ones fawn over them.