“The illusion of freedom will continue as long 
as it's profitable to continue the illusion.
At the point where the illusion becomes too 
expensive to maintain, they will just take 
down the scenery, they will pull back the 
curtains, they will move the tables and chairs 
out of the way and you will see 
the brick wall at the back of the theater.” 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The OPPT and IUV was a thorn that the Cabal did not plan on!

I wanted to share with you that Dee from RTS was correct!  The Cabal had no intention of approving the RV because it is counterproductive of their plans to implement the NWO through economic destruction and depopulation measures.

The OPPT and IUV was a thorn that they did not plan on!  The IUV documents convert each of us into a sovereign bank in and of ourself.  It is the same procedure that the FED uses to convert our birth certificates into negotiable bonds.  The difference is that we own and control our bonds and establish our own value.  Upon presentation, the FED is obligated to deposit our established value into an account for immediate use.

The announcement proposing the IUV on June 25 is what caused the Cabal to act by moving Iraq out of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and revalue their currency.  The US Cabal  Government could not comply with the Basel Accords; they had no intention of doing so and was trading the Dinars on deposit by the whale investors to shore up the FED.  When the OPPT decided to test the IUV in New Zealand on Thursday, July 18, the RV appeared on NASDAQ  at a modified rate established by Obozo. 

The test case in New Zealand resulted in the arrest of the presenter on the following day for FRAUD. What else could they do, when this is part and parcel of what they have been doing since the 1920's.  A simple "Petition of Error" will diffuse the problem, and with a couple of modifications made to include the Courts Adjudication, this should be complete!  This will do more to drive the FED and NASDAQ out of business than anything currently being done! [Banker arrests].

Dee said that the FED was terrified about the release of the IUV and was attempting to muddy the waters and distract the awakened portion of the World by approving the RV at a very low rate.   

The  paperwork and instructions on what and how to prepare the documents to submit To the FED should be available real soon for everyone, Dinar holders and Non-Dinar holders.

Hopefully the awakened portion of the world will not be sucked in, but rather further educated.


  1. Some comments:

    1) Of course the Cabal did not intend to approve the RV. Nobody expected them to. It was going to be done without them. In fact, it can't be done any other way.

    2) What is an IUV?

    1. Go to I-UV.com to read up on what it is.....

    2. We must obligate these criminals to begin to ensnare within their own framework.

  2. Hopefully this will work because up until now nothig has!

  3. WTF? Why aren't these CRIMINAL cabal arrested for the murder, fraud, treason, terrorism they have been orchestrating for decades????? Seems a no-brainer...

    1. go arrest them then, swear out warrants at the state court house and explain you injuries, then have the sherrifs office comply with the warrants. take a hundred people to each state courthouse and start voting with your rights. exercise your rights. do not let fear stand in the way. hold these people accountable. every employee of the federal government is guilty of treason and of breach of trust just for not acting against their superiors as they stole your country. We are starting with our municipal representatives in canada
      lets go get the crooks

  4. Way to go John! So glad you understand the machinations of the conversion of value from the Banksters to the People! WE ARE THE VALUE! And we are taking back our POWER! What a glorious time to be alive and on earth to experience this. Two thumbs WAY UP for this piece!

    1. Kathy if you believe any of these historic events have anything to do with the OPPT/IUV/Inchange or whatever they are called now you have sadly been misled. There are genuine heroes behind these events that have been working on these changes for decades and its not the OPPT. Nothing, and I mean nothing the OPPT has promised their followers has ever happened; no foreclosures, no $10m per person, no Project 13, no IUV exchange - not a thing. They can't even get one of their members to Morocco and had to ask for donations to buy the airfare on their recent junket? They are a deception and a distraction. "Dee said that the FED was terrified about the release of the IUV"..really? Where's the proof? Soon there will be no Fed, so where do you send your documents too?

    2. brilliant , JC!!! spot on!!!

  5. I have been listening and learning about the One People, and former OPPT, and the projects: CVAC, IUV, and Project 13 are just a few formulas occurring from this dynamic collection of minds and hearts.

    The paperwork that will be available soon, is, as Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf explained on July 9/10 One People radio show on blogtalkradio.com; the paperwork will be the underwriting of your bank, the bank of me (if you wish), and you will go to a local bank and deposit some of your value with the underwriting.
    We are not going to wake up tomorrow and find all structures changed, we are working within the old structures to establish the new structure.
    So when I take my underwriting, and my declaration of eternal essence embodied, and declaration of my bank registered in akashic records, and present a contract of agreed fees for use of my current value deposited in my bank account at local bank.
    IF they say no, then they are denying my business, and I will take it where it can be used.
    check out freelakotabank.com

    1. Let us know how that works out for you.

    2. "and I will take it where it can be used"

      Silly train of thought. What makes you think any established old world system would tolerate this nonsense?

  6. No kidding anon., why aren't these demons ARRESTED or...well, eliminated? They have NO problem doing this to us, we outnumber them thousands, maybe MILLIONS to one, wtf??!! A bullet makes the same hole in a cabal as us and 'we' do NOTHING??!! WTF people! We need to go after these bastards! Our ancestors should have done it over a hundred years ago but they wimped out, it's up to us. Do we want to live? If so we get the balls to get them. If not...well, then we deserve to die. I hate cowards and idiots. Either we get together and do it or we die whimpering. What's it going to be?

  7. This is the most asinine ridiculous pile of garbage you have ever posted. The OPPT has no control over the GRC at all. These people that are sanctimonious enough to think they can file papers and take over the world’s financial health and control of our futures should quit licking the camels butt. You are not empowered by God or spaceships, and cannot speak for any God-fearing intelligent human being or ET. I missed the world vote that made the OPPT the controller of the world. And anyone that is foolish enough to walk into a bank and demand their worth I will pay post RV good money to watch, as they are ridiculed for being so incredibly diluted. So is it consciences that as the RV came closer these camel lickers are now claiming they have signed off RV. Please people use your God given brains there is no way any group of 3 has the intelligence, the moral or legal right to control the world.

    1. You feel better now? Venting is a really good outlet. Camel Butts? Camel lickers? Very persuasive argument.

    2. obviously your level of comprehension is very limited. That is not a negative attribute, nor is it positive,m it just IS. Your sentence "cannot speak for any God-fearing intelligent human being or ET" speaks volumes of your level of understanding. If you believe that the OPPT filings have done anything but free humanity, I would suggest you reread the documents that were filed. Assuming you read any of them to begin with.Please read the Paradigm report. I have read the documentation of the swissindo action, and if you can decipher a positive outcome for the people, please explain it to us. How do you come to the conclusion that the 3 trustees control the world? One to many episodes of Pinky and the Brain?

    3. Wango1 your comments clearly show you actually have no idea about TOP (the one people) If you had read anything and understood it, you would know that they did not in any sense, 'file papers and take over the world’s financial health and control of our futures' Instead they ingeniously gave the power back to we the people. They are not controlling anything. They are just BEing and Doing..... and Doing it fabulously in my humble opinion.

    4. right on target, wango1, & what a breath of fresh air to see some sanity among such pure madness.

  8. Friends …have time to watch this and make this viral.

    (Part one)
    (Part two)
    (Part three)
    (Part four)

  9. Wango 1 demonstrates much of the ignorance about the OPPT (now dissolved) project... Typical arrogance of our time to speak out on something when you "don't get it".

    1. the oppt IS ignorance to the sane

  10. All those with credibility in the circles fighting the financial system all say oppt is poo. Ms Tucci and her opposing counterparts are all way smarter than me at this stuff. How are we to know who is right or wrong ?

    1. You challenged me in answering your comment. I have followed OPPT since the beginning. Somethings I related to some things I did not. There was something that I couldn't put my finger on and your comment made it all clear.

      They talk about us being god. YES I know we can do all things on earth as in heaven. I know I have been given the gift of faith, no fear, things come easily to me and I have experienced miracles.

      However WE are NOT GOD.

      We are not all knowing! Only god is all knowing.

      Thank you Anthony. Ask and you shall receive

  11. Yes I feel better for saying it, but the shame is people I know and care about are buying into this garbage. I do believe the people are the value in theory but for OPPT or whatever they are calling it now to claim you can convert that value into cash is crazy. I believe the RV is on its way and it is funny this group is now claiming they have any say or control. How people can be convinced that this has merit freighters me. With this great transfer of wealth upon us I pray that people use this to start over and learn from past mistakes. And to leave you with a thought if this group is so powerful why have they done nothing to get the cash out into the world. Allowing people to starve and suffer. If they have that power and have done nothing to get food for the hungry what does that say to their character or moral fiber.

    1. Buddy....did you ever miss the boat! You really need to stop voicing your ridiculous opinions and attempt to understand things better. You have no problem understanding that banks create money out of thin air but cannot wrap your head around the possibility that anybody can do the same thing in a fiat based economy. If you have federal debts...send them an OPPT Courtesy Notice by Registered Mail and watch how quickly the debt is discharged!

      I have a brother like you and all I can do is pray for him.

    2. The FED converted your value in cold hard cash using your birth certificate and traded all of us like pork bellies without our knowing consent and our wet ink signature. What makes you think you CANT do exactly the same thing? The earth has been a slave colony. Methinks you just may be a paid CIA troll. BTW why do you fear "GOD". You are an aspect of Creator embodied. That aspect IS THE VALUE. I dont fear Creator, I AM an aspect of Creator, as we all are.

    3. Very simply put, TOP (The One People) gave control of your value, destiny, future back into your hands. It does not Control anything. YOU DO, by your thoughts beliefs and actions. Wango1, thank you for holding the contrast and allowing me to grow. I ♥ you.

    4. Boy it sure is easy to see who the trolls are in these comments.

  12. Time will reveal the Absolute Truth, won't it.

    In the meantime maybe you can have a look at this video of about BEing and DOing and working with the One Peoples documents. Interesting reaction this jugde had when he was confronted with the Courtesy Notice in his court. Could there be a piece of truth in what TOP stands for?


  13. this is very simple file all the papers you want but when the feds are no longer raiding peoples place for raw milk and home made cheese or having a fig tree in their yard rather or not they pick the figs then we can say we are getting some ware rather this is done with riots in the streets and demands made by the masses or a public decree that gets onto the msm media that the public understands and agrees with makes no difference filing some paper work that is honest in its own right in the here and now to be corrupted later or ignored though the means of others fling other paper work is not gonna change anything you need grow a set of morals and stick by them this needs to be done in mass numbers the few in control also control the unmake masses the average cop who just wants his pension at the end of 30 years of service and will go out arresting people for drinking and driving when you forget a about a 6 pack in the trunk and it explodes in your trunk and leaks out onto the road because his boss can add it to the list of drunk drivers removed from the road its about numbers if a would be burglar is shot inside your home you get charged with murder because they can not arrest the dead guy and to say hay look your all safer because of the police state needs people to be arrested for a crime not people defending them selves or not being punished for honest mistakes that do not harm or even endanger anybody such a some bear pouring out of your trunk onto the road on a hot summer day nope that is drinking and driver open liquor why pay for electric power at so called fair rates when it should cost next to nothing to make yes i mean NOTIHING look up japan water car on youtube that is not even the most advanced stuff being held back

  14. John,

    "the OPPT decided to test the IUV in New Zealand on Thursday, July 18"?

    Humm.. And the PTB and Heather and crew were BOTH aware what was happening in new Zealand, This girl Kiri, young mother of 5, who was able to make immediate contact with Lisa and heather right after her arrest? Get one on one counseling from heather, get her story plastered all over the internet within a VERY short time. Was the FOCUS of both PTB and OPPT and was able to stop the RV?

    And the distraction was??? RED FLAG !! there is so many things wrong with kiri's story and how it played out, not even worth going into it.

    I love the contrast of it all! When light shines brightly only then will you see the dark.

    Please clarify,
    Dee said that the FED was terrified about the release of the IUV and was attempting to muddy the waters and distract the awakened portion of the World by approving the RV at a very low rate..(that doesn't even make sense)

    Please ask her to prove in all transparency and liability that the Feds even know about IUV and are terrified. There has been NOTHING that proves that anyone is afraid of the OPPT and no one is afraid of "the one" either. We wear gods shield. (they don't like gods word to be used ) giggles

    Plus we have yet to see anything about the IUV, and for all we know it is "JUST A TOOL" like the cvac and the courtesy notices. FYI.. NOW that peoples ENERGY was spent on the courtesy notices, they are now saying that the courtesy notices were never a "official oppt document" ssheesh


  15. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU, ME, I ....WANT....
    ...IS 'IT' REAL.....WHO KNOWS....UNTIL WE ASK...

    U.C.C. 2012086802 IS ON THE 'BOOKS'
    U.C.C. 2012127914 IS ON THE 'BOOKS'
    U.C.C. 2013032035 IS ON THE 'BOOKS'

    AND SO IT IS....

    LOVELOVELOVE........love, Ed = hold the vibe.....

  16. for such an enlightened site there is a lot of vindictiveness in the comments. Love is no matter what others are doing and if we are not love (not to say actions to circumvent should not be taken) and if we are not love then we are a repeat performance of the very people we are trying to overcome.