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Whistleblower Comments - Keith Alexander: NSA'S Prince of Darkness - Connection to Neil Keenan

Is Keenan dirty?

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Whistleblower Comments - Keith Alexander: NSA'S Prince of Darkness - Connection to Neil Keenan
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Date: Thursday, 4-Jul-2013 22:29:51

Below are comments made by David P. Crayford to a post seen here:
David P. Crayford writes:
Keenan in an article dated 2010 stated that General Keith B. Alexander and Gen. Myers were fully cooperating with him in respect of the Collateral Accounts and his actions (Unlawful and Criminal), and that they (Alexander and Myers) held the power to make decisions.
In an article late 2011 related to the Monaco Accord organised by Keenan and the Swiss Government, it was clearly stated that Gen Keith B. Alexander and Gen Myers were at that meeting, which, if readers remember, was held in Monaco and moved to a US Warship moored in the Mediterranean Sea following the disruption, which was blamed on Jay Rockefeller, of the meeting in Monaco.
We now know who Keenan is working with / for and my comments at the time on this matter have proven to be immensely accurate, which I add Keenan denied at the time.
They say that if one waits long enough, the truth will come out and the missing pieces of the puzzle can be placed into the right position of the puzzle.
The above article also assists us in many ways and conveniently fits and coincides with many other factors known to us and with substantial evidence held by us, since 2010 / 2011. I say this because Gen Keith B. Alexander has under his command specific parts of the US Navy, Army and Air Force as well as Cyber Control. It is now clearly understood why it is these parts of the US Forces that are actively involved, along with a substantial number of mercenaries with the continuous theft of Collateral Accounts Assets from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and several other countries, including but not limited to, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya.
I would like to thank Basil for posting the above article / video as it has been of enormous help to us in our continuous fight against the unlawful activities of Keenan’s criminal syndicate.
David P. Crayford

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