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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bilderbergers Evacuate Copenhagen Airport Due to Alternative Media Attention [video]

Bilderbergers Evacuate Copenhagen Airport Due to Alternative Media Attention [video]

Thanks, Patrick.
So the Bilderbergers are “shy”, are they? I would be too if the public knew I’d been planning the extermination of Humanity after robbing them blind and lying to them for centuries, but I’m sure they’ll get over it.  They’ll have to, because very soon they will all be in the spotlight with the eyes of the world directly upon them—deciding their fate.  ~ BP

Published on 31 May 2014
In this video Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks and Line Sejr go to the Copenhagen Airport to give a friendly greeting to the international 2014 Bilderberg Attendees. As you can see for some strange reason the bilderberg group was very timid and scared of people trying to talk to them for some reason. They sicked their naive marshmallow head security guards on Luke and Dan. After getting temporarily distracted by the security guards the Bilderberg organizers moved to a remote non public location far away from anyone because they are afraid of their shadows.
1st Bilderberger confronted was Jason Kenney. He is the Canadian Minister of Employment and Social Development
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  1. Thought it was reported that a warrant was out for Kissinger's arrest - among several others??? A PERFECT TIME AND PLACE to arrest these criminals. Interpol??? WHY AREN'T THE ARRESTS BEING DONE? Is this YET ANOTHER LIE TO THE PEOPLE???