Saturday, May 31, 2014

MarkZ and I4U Members Chat Late Friday Night

MarkZ and I4U Members Chat Late Friday Night

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Folks PLEASE listen.... we all have been in this long enough to have experienced oodles of misinfo posts over time. They ALWAYS run their course, and the vast majority end up debunked. PLEASE take a deep breath and relax instead of running around with your hair on fire. THINK about these types of posts, and wait until they prove their merit or fall by the wayside.

[toolfan4] SpecialAgentGibbs so she had a gun to her head to post that and to asked not to be questioned.....bellagrits= fear monger imo

[TexasMom] MarkZ hello and welcome!

[MarkZ] toolfan4 Bella was not fear mongering. We all have sources and some you send down the chain when they ask. Everyone give poor Bella a break. :)

[ChildOfGod] MarkZ She did say she was asked to make the post, but the subject matter? True or false?
[MarkZ] ChildOfGod Let's review..... I do not have all my old notes so I may miss a date or a number but here are the basics. The 'Gold treaty' was signed about a year ago by all 188 participating countries. Last March 21st if memory serves me, now all we have been waiting on is it's execution.

[superbiz] MarkZ so the Bella post is smoke IYO?

[MarkZ] superbiz Smoke is too strong a word and honestly 'straightening' it out would take way too long and no one ever pays attention when we 'gurus' try to teach you all the background and process anyways. You would have to know the players involved, the ego's and the personalities of all the parties to understand today's intel. I will sum it up by saying I am not at all worried. PERIOD

[norm] markz what about us stopping it last night??

 [MarkZ] norm who stopped it? Why do folks always believe that crap?

 [norm] MarkZ the bad guys lol

[norm] june 1st still looks good

[gatorguy] norm The sooner the better.. Talibani always said he wanted the new GOI seated before the RV

[superbiz] MarkZ RV on schedule for this weekend maybe??

 [K Boom] MarkZ- good evening- thanks for coming in. SO- Still in MAY? (2-3 more days)?

[gatorguy] MarkZ 100% agreed!!! This is a process.... Iraq is building an economy and the process is just in its progression.. no one is STOPPING it.. its just like a cake, its not ready to take out of the oven yet

[SonOfTheRepublic] MarkZ Unfortunately all we have are these intel sources, and that is what we have been hearing today. So, it is frustrating for us too. So, tell us something POSITIVE!!!

[MichaelWeston] SonOfTheRepublic during the process of any "deal" there will always be those that add distractions and misinformation into the mix. The bigger the deal the more distractions

SonOfTheRepublic] MichaelWeston Agreed for sure and this is a big deal.

[MarkZ] SonOfTheRepublic I know the people involved, the personalities and the ego's. I know what brought the tiff on and I know what the outcome most likely is. Everyone just needs to step back and relax. This is a PROCESS that is moving surprisingly well. Not sure if we can still squeeze it in before the end of the month but it is still possible. It could take weeks more at best. I am over caring if it is 2 days from now at 1:32 pm or if it is 9 days away. I just want it done soon and right.

[SonOfTheRepublic] Thanks MarkZ that puts it in perspective

[K Boom] MarkZ- so without being too specific- what tiff can take 9 days vs. 3 days to resolve?

 [MarkZ] K Boom I was just making an example. ignore the number of days, it was to make a point.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] So, someone got their skivvies all in a knot and threw a tantrum

[wingnaprayer] SpecialAgentGibbs Then it's time to put a thong on them! If they throw another tantrum we can use it as a slingshot rofl

goddess] I guess I don't really get this. There will always be egos and people tryihng to screw things up. I think there should be someone brave enough to just do this.

[couchspud] so, if the TRN is gone will the USD devalue? and if so, how fast? and if the GCR/RV occurs what then should we exchange into?? any thoughts? or was this discussed earlier and I missed it (just got in) :mais5:

[MarkZ] couchspud The TRN/USTN or whatever you want to call it is not gone.

[pursuitoftruth] MarkZ thank you for your input. I was a bit taken back by the post for sure. I tire of riddles so it is nice to get straight answers for a change.

[gatorguy] MarkZ Agreed. We have the tarriffs and the free trade zones nation wide now, the UN demanding the projects started June 1, The kurds meeting with Baghdad on article 140, the HCl and possibly the Budget, early preliminary election results. New GOI June 15, ISX going live July 1just to name a few things

[MarkZ] gatorguy At least you are paying attention... :)

 [gatorguy] MarkZ Haa.... I could list another dozen events... have you heard anything about the meeting between the Kurds and Baghdad on article 140, HCL etc

[MarkZ] gatorguy yes but we should get into that tomorrow. there is way too much going on in the rooms right now to throw more at them.

 [gatorguy] MarkZ Gotcha

[K Boom] MarkZ - in the remaining process- are we reliant on GOI or CBI to take specific action?

[MarkZ] K Boom yes and no, we just need them to say their lines when it is time which is NO problem at all. They are past ready.

[justincase] MarkZ - i just tuned in. Did you say Bella's post has merit or not? ty

[MarkZ] Bella's wasn't smoke, it just does not have the impact some attached to it believe. Arrrgghhh If I could name names and say more this would be so much easier! The best way I can put it and not over step my bounds is to simply say it is NOT relevant to the completion of the event.

[Readynow] MarkZ, ty for giving some background to all of this. Some don't understand what has had to happen to get us here

[MarkZ] Readynow We should have background classes for those that really want the whole truth and normal chat time for those that just want the rate and date. :)

[K Boom] MarkZ- boiling it down- WE just want to exchange our currency- enjoy life and PIF generously. Are the 'bigger picture' issues the cause of squabbles, or does it pertain to rates & exchange processes.

[MarkZ] K Boom a little of both but mostly it was people that think they should go first finding out the world is a changing.

[gatorguy] MarkZ I really like the idea the ISX is going international July 1.. would you agree that the ISX needs a reality rate to go live internationally?

[MarkZ] gatorguy absolutely

[gatorguy] MarkZ I also like the idea that the Minister of defense for Iraq said it would cost 700 trillion dinar to support the military... Iraq didn't print 700 Trillion dinar... something in the value of the Dinar has to change.. heck we are sending the F-16s, drones and Apache's

[MarkZ] gatorguy That is hard to pay for with worthless money....

 [stthomas cowboy] MarkZ How many rates will there be for the VNN?

[MarkZ] stthomas cowboy I don't know yet

[Nana] MarkZ I listened to the links you posted and feel like a dummy that I didn't already know all of it ... the Farm Claims, etc. I can't believe what our "leaders" have gotten away with! No wonder the RV/GRC hasn't already taken place! The Galactics had better step in and help us! We are just too dumbed down!

[K Boom] MarkZ- I am ready for the changing world- and understand the reluctance of the current PTB to let go. So how can those soon to be OUT continue to get their way vs. the incoming NEW? Rhertoical - but this continues to baffle me. Any comment?

 [SpecialAgentGibbs] Said it before folks.... what is upon us is a social revolution

[scarlet77] MarkZ thank you for all your info over the years and so glad they are not making you remain silent now.

[MarkZ] scarlet77 I am flirting with the razors edge on what I am posting, They correct me if I step too far out though. :)

[wingnaprayer] MarkZ It has been said that our system may have to crash to force this in...or the republic this part of that scenario?

[MarkZ] wingnaprayer I do not think it will have to happen.

 [gatorguy] MarkZ The 100 million Dinar question... Maliki in or out as PM IYO?

[MarkZ] gatorguy There is a couple of if then statements attached to that question. We really should chat outside of the chat boards. You have a good mind for this.

[gatorguy] MarkZ What do you think about Dubai going guns blazing into Kurdistan with investing and diplomatic ties?

[MarkZ] gatorguy That kurdistan has a lot of oil..... I know it is a short answer

[gatorguy] MarkZ Kurdistan can be the next Dubai and they know it.. The kurds are more advanced in banking etc than Baghdad.

[Nana] MarkZ When I read the BellaGrits post, I thought of MC, Lee and wonder if they are involved in the withdrawal. In the post it did say it was a Patriotic U. S. Citizen. Can you comment on this??

[MarkZ] Nana hahaha I can but said I wouldn't. Mr C, Leo, and the rest of that crew are not part of any withdrawal. That is about as much as I can say.

[MrT] MarkZ If there was a war crime case at the Hague, and settlements were awarded but not received, is there a chance that it will be paid out after all this is said and done? This is a personal question

[MarkZ] MrT A MOST excellent chance.

[gatorguy] MarkZ I think the language law was more than just a "PRIDE" thing for Kurdistan...

[MarkZ] gatorguy Iraq could be two nations or better yet a UK type of untied kingdoms etc. It is a logical way to deal with the tribes there.

 [gatorguy] MarkZ bingo!!!!!

[gatorguy] MarkZ There are articles out stating there is actually an oportunity for 4 CBI's in Iraq in the different regions..

[Nana] MarkZ What a roller coaster ride today . . . first WildDuck took us to the stratosphere and then BellaGrits took us to the depths of the ocean. I came in late to Chat. Do you still feel we are very close, such as this weekend?

[MarkZ] Nana Very close. This weekend would require an enormous amount being accomplished in short order though.

[MrT] MarkZ You don't know how you just made my day cause it is bigger for me than I coulda ever dreamed of with a gcr

 [MarkZ] MrT That is part of why this process has taken so long. So many parts to integrate.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ Not a bad idea, might be just the thing for the USA as well

[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs I will move to texas then. :)

 [ischmahsman] MarkZ..I could see it Accually being three nations

[Nana] MarkZ I can wait for our blessings but I can't wait for us to get our country back along with our liberties and justice for all! Amen!

[stthomas cowboy] MarkZ I think th reason you have had several questions regarding Tonys call today is that he said they came close to begin to name names of thoses causing delays

 [MarkZ] stthomas cowboy ahhh. I have REALLY been fighting that urge. :)

[sananddan24] MarkZ when should we expect our emails?

[MarkZ] sananddan24 ask me Sunday, I should have a solid idea by then.

[goddess] MarkZ - I so wish everyone could just spill the beans !!

[MarkZ] goddess We could stall it if we did but trust me, if they stall much longer it will be damn the torpedos and we will all squeel.

 [notsoguru] MarkZ what is truly left to be done if you can say?

[MarkZ] notsoguru The execution of the gold treaty so we can reset our treasury then rv

 [tc0043] MarkZ What is their motivation to stall it continually?

[MarkZ] tc0043 change, people hate change

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ The Chronicles Of Deliverance?

[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs yes

[superbiz] MarkZ are the stallers still stalling and creating chaos??

[MarkZ] superbiz no, they are like three year olds pitching a tantrum. It doesn't change the inevitable.

 [ChildOfGod] MarkZ I thought you said it was done last year

[MarkZ] ChildOfGod It was agreed to, now we await execution of it.

 [notsoguru] MarkZ I thought the signing was done so do you mean the actual movement of funds?

[gatorguy] MarkZ Do you feel that the fact every Iraqi politician runs to Iran for support is an issue for the USA

[MarkZ] gatorguy It could be depending on how we handle our foreign policy after this.

[believeinangels] Mark do you think we will wait til middle of June ?

[MarkZ] believeinangels worst case maybe.

[gatorguy] MarkZ Whats the word on the VND...

 [norm] i wish i can wake up sunday with new rates on un and cbi lol

[norm] be like xmas

MarkZ] gatorguy It looks awesome. I wish I had spent as much on it as I did dinar.

[Tbirdd] MarkZ---isnt USA obligated to do its part for Iraq by THEIR 6/1??

[MarkZ] Tbirdd They extended it to mid month

[lilypad] MarkZ, have you actually seen the screens with the rates at the banks?

[MarkZ] lilypad I will get some folks in serious doo doo if I answer that!

[MarkZ] Speaking of eating I made dinner while G64 was in the room and never had chance to eat it. I am going to pop it in the micro and eat now. See you all tomorrow as long as the black SUV's stay away.... :) See you all tomorrow.

[Tbirdd] Markz---what time tomorrow---appx...

 [MarkZ] Tbirdd noonish EDT I think

[superbiz] MarkZ gn thanks for answering our questions

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