Saturday, May 31, 2014


Dinar Chatter from Deep Source(s) Private Chatroom

[DS#1]: With all intel that has been coming in these past few days, it seems that this will be our last month.

[BTy]: We all very much hope so, we've all been stuck in limbo for years.

[BTy]: When do you think the RV will happen, what time of day?

[DS#1]: If the RV happened, it would be on Iraq's time.

[DS#1]: You would already see the new rate change either at night or in the morning when you wake up as it would already be afternoon in Baghdad.

[Jj512]: Wait, if the RV would happen on Iraq's time, does that mean Iraq is in control of the rate change?

[DS#1]: I believe so but only for show on the news. The new rates should be shown and announced on the CBI. Although, expect many surprises.

[Chainman74]: Why has this been held up for so long? Kuwait's RV was.instant.

[DS#1]: This isn't like Kuwait's RV. If it was, it would have already happened. There are too many people and PTB involved in this currency revaluation as well as the GCR.

[Chainman74]: Is there any intel you could share with us tonight?

[DS#1]: We have been told to keep a lid on it. There is a lot of information and disinformation circulating around in dinarland. Time will tell, be vigilant from now till next week.

[DS#1]: That's all for now, have a good evening everyone. We are at the end game.

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