Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Federal Database Will Track Americans' Credit Ratings & other financial info

Is this ok with you?  If not, you might want to let more people know about this.  I am curious as to where the feds will be gathering the info from.  If, as the article states,  it's from the credit reporting agencies, they are famous for having all kinds of wrong information on their reports and you can challenge them and get them to remove the wrong info, so far.  I don't know whether you will be able to challenge the government on wrong info put into their database--that may have been gathered from the wrong info on the credit reporting agencies sites, so best to clean up the credit reporting agencies info before the Feds take it from them and set it in stone and you reap the consequences.  There is also the issue of identity theft which might really be an issue with this.  As I remember learning about the Obamacare website as being particularly vulnerable to hacking and it is questionable as to how good a job they might be doing with this project, based on past performance.  If you need help with cleaning up your credit reports, I have a friend whose company does that all day long and builds your credit rating in the process.  He's done a great job with us.  I will be sending him this report to see what he thinks about all of this and how his service might assist people in dealing with this situation.  In the meantime, if you haven't yet considered the possibility that "it's time for a change", you might want to consider it now.  There are people who are working on bringing our country back to one that truly is "of, by and for the people" and "help is on the way" hopefully very soon.

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  1. Will the tracking, lies, deceit and outrageous crimes against humanity in our nation EVER cease? When is EHOUGH IS ENOUGH?! What ELSE has to happen on our soil before the people rise up and take back their country? What other false flags and tragedies have to happen on our soil before Americans figure out who the REAL terrorists are and rise up and take them out from the top to the very bottom? What is wrong with Americans? The people of other nations, including Europe, have had enough and they are saying "No more" and making it VERY plain that they MEAN IT. Why do we continue to allow these bastards here in America to continue to crash our homes and picnics as if they have this 'right'???? What they are doing and getting away with is ONLY because WE ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE TO DO IT. WHEN ARE WE TELLING THEM THEIR PARTY IS OVER and OURS HAS NOW BEGUN???