Saturday, May 31, 2014

MarkZ 2nd Visit to I4U Saturday Evening

MarkZ 2nd Visit to I4U Saturday Evening

[terrib] MarkZ hi again

[Tex] MarkZ the truth Please!!!!!!!!

[MarkZ] Tex The truth is the signatory for five of the families got pissed at how long it was taking and threatened to walk away from the table. What does that mean to us? I am glad you asked..... Not much really, worst case they replace him and it adds a few days, best case they explain that they were simply getting the process finished and that they still need him to do his job. This whole blow up in the grand scope of things really was nothing.

[Tex] MarkZ I agree.  Thanks

[Gemini] MarkZ so in your opinion is Okie latest post wrong? He states everything is on track

[MarkZ] Gemini I have not read his last post. If he says things are on track then I 110% agree with him.
[Gemini] MarkZ ok that is pretty much what he said....I hope you get a chance to read it very soon

[MarkZ] Gemini I will make it a point to do that.

[Digs] MarkZ we are only hours away from JUNE 01st
[MarkZ] Digs I know, I doubt we will make it and I will have to eat a little crow but I doubt I will need to eat much if any.

[kazorlando] MarkZ, what do the 5 families get for their gold being used??

[MarkZ] kazorlando That is a VERY long story. Think of them as custodians of OUR GOLD!!! Back again shortly

[MarkZ] I can't get a break!!!!! back in about 10 minutes.

 [MarkZ] I am sorry for having to duck in and out.

[MarkZ] The moral of this weekends intel is everyone should really wait a day to react to what you see posted. I usual ignore the crazy stuff for a day or two because it usual gets tossed out by then.

MarkZ] The 24 hour news cycle is ruining us. :)

[gizmosmom] MARKZ but do you think okies latest post is on target? he is implying after midnight tonight., you are saying what then?

[MarkZ] gizmosmom It is very possible. My gut says tomorrow night or Monday night but we will see.

[burk50] Gizmo WD implied that too I think imo

 [Dakotaman] MarkZ When that old train comes in I will work at things a lot differently than I am now.. Yes the news cycles are hard on many of us... ty

[MarkZ] Dakotaman We will all be a new kind of busy.

 [bilberry] Mark...gettin' any Z's lately??

[MarkZ] bilberry Not nearly enough!

[gizmosmom] Markz im sure you are riding the same roller coaster as all of US.. Only you sit in the front seat and we are in the back

[MarkZ] gizmosmom I am both fortunate and cursed to have the contacts I have. You honestly have to get to the point of grace where you do not care about the when, only the certainty that it WILL happen.

[notsoguru] MarkZ can you tell everyone is a little frazzeled in here? (and that is being nice)!

[MarkZ] notsoguru I understand why, we all are. The poor intel people are nearly bat crazy now, I KNOW the mods on all the sites are!!!

[notsoguru] MarkZ time to get of the coaster! roflmao

 [MarkZ] notsoguru I hate saying it but it does appear close to over. I at least know the steps and can see them being completed. I am VERY fortunate in that.

[Dakotaman] MarkZ That is good to hear from you... ty

[nerfsy] MarkZ, is Maliki's situation open for discussion?

 [MarkZ] nerfsy It is a pointless conversation, he is part of a classic it=then equation. His discussion will be clear in a few days. Just wait and don't waste the mental effort is my take on him right now. :)

[MarkZ] nerfsy Or save it for a weekday visit.

nerfsy] MarkZ 10-4

[highhopes] MarkZ Great to see you- IYO will the RV show up overnight, in the daytime, or whenever they feel like it?

MarkZ] highhopes logistically overnight is MUCH easier.

[gizmosmom] To me its mind boggling.. You can call it what you like.. I am overwhelmed right now with the shear thought of whats about to happen

[MarkZ] Guys I have a conference call to do at 830 and want a quick bite first. I will stop in again later if you all want.

norm] MarkZ i rather u take the call and come tell us lol

[MarkZ] norm lol. I do a CC for my family everynight. I get to share the news and talk to my family, cousins, aunt's uncle's and folks that are just like family. I look forward to it. they get the privledge of the whole scoop.

[Nana] MarkZ Hi Mark! It sounds to me like the "custodian" of the Gold was playing hard ball to scare the idiots in charge into acting, much in the same way that you came back to Intel4U to make some revelatory statements that would shake up the bad guys, then were asked to stand down. Is this close?
[MarkZ] Nana Could be...

[SonOfTheRepublic] MarkZ I'd like to officially be adopted  before the call

[MarkZ] SonOfTheRepublic hahaha

[MarkZ] See you all soon.


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