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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mariam is sentenced to death for her Christian faith. Help us save her life.

Please sign the petition to save Mariam today by going to

Please sign the petition to save Mariam today by going to www.SaveMariam.orgIf given the choice to renounce your faith or face execution, what would you do?

I hope it is a question you never have to answer.

But for Mariam Ibrahim, wife of an American citizen, the question and the consequences are real.

After being given three days to decide her fate and renounce her faith, she appeared before a Sudanese court and bravely stated, "I am a Christian."

The judge immediately replied, "I sentence you to be hanged to death."

My name is Ralph Reed, founder of Faith and Freedom Coalition. I urgently need you to join me in demanding that Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama take action immediately to save the life of Mariam Ibrahim.

Right now, Mariam is awaiting execution - after refusing to renounce her Christian values. The Sudanese government delayed her execution until after she gave birth and weans her second child.

But just yesterday, Mariam gave birth to a little girl named Maya - which means her execution is sooner than ever, and we're running out of time to save her life.
Please sign the petition to save Mariam today by going to

Mariam's story isn't just about Christian beliefs - it's about her two children, newborn Maya and Martin, her 20 month-old son.

Sudan has, appallingly, kept them away from their American father, Dr. Daniel Wadi. The children are locked in a prison with their mother.

Sudanese law mandates that children born to Muslim fathers are considered Muslim, and a Christian father cannot raise a Muslim child.

Sudan is refusing to allow Dr. Wadi to take his toddler son and his newborn daughter outside of the prison walls.

Martin, who at this age in development should be exploring his home and learning to cope with fears and phobias, sits in a prison cell with his mother who is shackled by her ankles.

Please go here, right now, and urge Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama to take immediate action.

Mariam, who was raised by her Christian mother after being abandoned by her Muslim father, has only known Christianity.

Due to archaic and inhumane Muslim laws in Sudan, the courts have ruled her to be an "apostate" because the father who abandoned her was a Muslim. Apostasy in Sudan is punishable by death.

I need you to help me do all that you can to save Mariam's life, and immediately release 20 month-old Martin from prison along with his newborn sister, Maya.

Obama's State Department has refused to take even the smallest action on this matter.

When Mariam's husband, Dr. Wadi, went to the U.S. embassy for help in releasing his son and wife, John Kerry's bureaucrats demanded he provide DNA evidence that Martin was his son.

Dr. Wadi waved his American passport and Martin's birth certificate as they closed the doors on him.

The State Department has even arrogantly refused to respond to the initial letter of two United States Senators who demanded action to save the family of an American Citizen.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has deployed the United State Military to search for Nigerian schoolgirls as Michelle Obama tweets, "Bring our girls home!"
Please sign the petition to save Mariam today by going to

As you read this, Obama's government knows exactly where Martin and Maya are. The children born to an American Citizen are next to their shackled mother.

To say the inaction of Obama is outrageous is an understatement.

I need you to join me to petition President Obama and Secretary Kerry to take action right now and offer political asylum to Mariam and her children and secure their immediate release.

I know it will take the voices of millions of Americans for them to respond.

That's why it is so important to not only sign the petition, but after you do so, make a generous donation to help us reach even more like-minded Americans.

After you sign the petition, please donate immediately. Every $1 donated helps us reach another ten people with this message.

I'm sure it is of no surprise to you that the mainstream media has ignored this story. That's why it is up to us to spread Mariam's story like wildfire.

We need to show President Obama and Secretary Kerry that we won't stand for them refusing to save a mother from execution simply for being a proud Christian.

Mariam's bravery and faith is an example to us all - and it is our duty to do what we can to save her and her family.

Please take action and sign the petition to save Mariam today by going to

In faith,

Ralph Reed

P.S. Mariam Ibrahim sits in a Sudanese prison with her 20 month-old son, Martin, and her newborn daughter, Maya. Mariam has been sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. Her American husband has been all but ignored by Obama's State Department.

Take action now and sign our petition at After you do so, donate all that you can to help us reach millions of other Americans with this petition.
Please sign the petition to save Mariam today by going to
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