Thursday, November 26, 2015

50,000 Americans to Fight and Die

Americans:  WHY do you fight, suffer and die for the world's 'elitist' criminals???  You are nothing but a chess piece to be tossed off their game board. You are mere dung in their game playbook.  Are you THAT asleep, THAT naive? You play 'soldier' for those who don't give a damn if you are hurt or die while serving them - your masters?            Come HOME and serve your fellow Americans if you must play toy soldier.

A Plan for Syria: 50,000 Americans to Fight and Die to Remove Assad

Get over your paralysis, America


Anonymous said...

The U.S.A. sanctions Syria and Russia for arming ISIS. Meanwhile, Turkey sweeps around wining and dining all of these combat generals in lavish hotels and palaces - and the U.S.A. never even asks for their member card to be revoked.

Is something quite wrong with this picture!? Turkey should be the one being sanctioned, and the blockade should be cutting off all obscene arm shipments to Israel and the straights who are causing this chaos with turkmen.

Anonymous said...

Olive Oyl, I call it the "Wall Street Urinal." Let's hope Robert Kagan does not get his way, and I tend to believe he will not, because it appears the Russians are there to stay and removal of Assad is unlikely. I don't think Russia is going to allow U.S. air strikes on Syrian military units, and the U.S. would be foolish to attempt it. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop on Israel's attacks on Syrian positions, and, of course, Turkey's ill-advised shoot down of the Russian bomber. I think retribution will be severe, and I will applaud when it happens. I also look forward to waking up some morning and learning that Israel is just a big, black, smoking hole in the desert.

Olive Oyl said...

Just responding and expressing some heartfelt opinions ....Putin, wisely, has so far exhibited restraint with the actions of the criminals in Wash DC, but his patience will not last much longer. All nations who have signed peace accords/treaties/agreements with the USA criminal corporation know full well that they do NOT keep their side of the agreements. Russia will totally annihilate the USA armed forces once Russia decides to strike back. Russia and China have a pact together and will invade and totally destroy the united States because of the unlawful and traitorous actions of the criminals illegally occupying the pinko islamic whore house in Wash DC. The people of all nations are the ones who suffer while those playing the war games sit back and watch in glee as humanity suffers and is eliminated. We the people, in particular in the united States, are to blame for what is coming because we have allowed this to continue and have not used our RIGHT, as guaranteed in the Constitution, to remove these criminal traitorous bastards. It appears the militias have been severely marginalized. No one wants war - but the enemy within DOES - and the actions being taken over a period of time within our own nation PROVE that the enemy within, under the direction of the evil empire handlers, are working diligently to spark a civil war in our nation that will pave the way for both Russia and China and their allies to invade and conquer this nation. Just as the peoples of other nations - Syria, Yemen and Ukraine more recently - we sit back and watch - most never giving a thought to what the inevitable ending for our nation is going to be. The chances of any of us surviving are going to be next to nil. Many of us plan to take with us as many as we can. I for one would like to begin by witnessing a total cleansing of all connected in any way with the Washington DC criminal empire. This is NOT our 'gov' and it should be handled like any other criminal mobsters. They want WAR - we should GIVE it to THEM. Round ALL of them up - give them each their own knife or machette - and let THEM go after each other. Let it be THEIR blood that spills - not ours. GOOD RIDDANCE. We have only ourselves to blame for not being diligent in protecting our lives, liberty and freedom. Icelanders were brave enough to take up their pitchforks, shovels and rakes, marched on their criminal 'elitist' government and cleansed their nation of these bastards. If Iceland can do this with their farm tools - what the heck is wrong with Americans? WHERE is our leadership? IS there any? All speak of not wanting to spill blood and start a war. Well, what the heck do they think is coming if they DON"T do the job NOW? The Founders of our nation must be weeping at what they are witnessing now in this nation. I grieve as well.

Anonymous said...

Agree-Olive Oyl- everyone must listen to Drake's show on cosmic voice- blogtalkradio/Drake Bailey. For you,your families,your friends-