Sunday, November 29, 2015

Illuminati Plan to Kill Christians!!

 A Minute To Midnite EP13
Carolyn Hamlett 
Illuminati Plan to Kill Christians!!
Published on Nov 24, 2015
In this Episode of A Minute to Midnite, Carolyn Hamlett, a former Illuminist, joins Chris and Tony as a guest and reveals the Illuminati's shocking "Compassionate Plan" to kill all Christians! 

This will be done to 'free the world of the restraining influence that Christians impose on the collective spirituality of the human race'!!!  Yet it is the Christians as a whole who provide the love and support worldwide to those in need, NOT the 'luciferian elite' or the 'illuminists' - quite the contrary.  

That's how the Luciferian 'Elite' view the "Christian Problem" that hinders their ultimate NWO solution!

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Anonymous said...

This will NOT succeed any longer, we already know what the dark ones are up to and where they all live....
Turkey and their treason is exposed. Get out of the banking system before the egyptian rulers collapse the IMF.