Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kenya Just Showed 100+ Radical Muslims

Kenya Just Showed 100+ Radical Muslims What Happens When You Kill Christians

One country in Africa has discovered a highly effective way to deal with radical jihadist Muslims, and it doesn’t involve peace talks or strongly worded letters. No, the method that Kenya employs against Muslim terrorists is kind of old fashioned but still the best way to make a dent in the spread of jihad in their country.

Gunfire. Lots of it. (H/T MadWorldNews)

Recently, a bus full of twenty-eight Kenyan Christians was attacked by jihadists.  After the terrorists hijacked and boarded the bus, they forced the Christians to recite the Shahada, the Islamic creed. Those who refused or didn’t know what it was, which was most of them, were slaughtered by automatic weapons.

Apparently, the jihadists claim that killing the Christians were revenge for “crimes against their Muslim brothers” in Mombasa.  

As soon as the brutal attack was reported up the chain to the Kenyan government, they showed their level of anger by taking immediate action against the radical Islamic thugs.  

First, they identified the group responsible for killing the Christians, tracked them down and delivered a quick dose of street justice – in other words, those particular Islamic thugs won’t be carrying out any more Christian killings.

But it didn’t stop there.

Kenya is apparently experimenting with a four-to-one approach in dealing with jihadist murders. Kill twenty-five of theirs; they kill one hundred of yours.

The Kenyan military actually fired up a few fighter jets and sent them on a mission to attack a nearby camp where known jihadist terrorists lived and dropped a few final reminders to ninety-five of their friends, killing them all.

Kenyan gunships and ground troops put the icing on the cake by taking out another twenty jihadist murders for good measure.

This may seem extreme for some, but it’s the only language that makes sense to these violent, psychotic jihadists

If you don’t deal with their attacks with a swift, deadly response, the killings just keep happening.

Kenya’s defense ministry obviously has a plan and they’re sticking to it. 

The USA defense ministry also has a 'plan' - only the Americans - especially Christians - are their planned target.  

The united States, formerly considered the freedom fighter for all humanity worldwide, is now considered the leader of the terrorists worldwide.   

My - how the 'tables have turned' on this out of control insane planet.



Anonymous said...

The drums of war are apparently beating quite loud now against the devil of Islam:

'The hammer is about to be dropped on Turkey with full on sanctions and total war against the turkish consulate as per the real news news.....Putin's armed Russian special forces are now at the Armenia-Turkey border fitted for war.

Better late than never they say. Turkey is as good as DONE for. All those yapping on and on about Israel, need I remind literally all of you that it has been proven a thousand times over that the OTTOMONS in the year 1000 A.D., if not slightly before corrupted the Israeli parliament!!! There is no Israeli government anymore just Turkish kingpins or else it would be impossible for Netanyahu to have worldwide appeal with Islamists...

And I got you one better. You want death cults?!? The worst "death cult" that ever existed before ISIS, the T' Tsevi cult run by a sultan gone mad..Was born in Turkey. They are not some laughable pawn, they are the Chess-Masters and it's time to wise up to this reality.

As for Putin, I couldn't care less what his past history was. So what that he killed a bunch of people he disagreed with that attacked his church. All leaders have done it, but at least in his case most of them were nazis. As bad as some of those mafia dealings were they don't compare to gunning people down in broad daylight, chopping off heads and outright guillotining the free press as Turkey is guilty of doing.

If it was up to me, then before judgment hits Israel the nation of Turkey would be reduced to total ash. Fortunately it's not entirely up to me, it's only partially up to me. So goodbye you despicable little turk Islamic fascists!!! Anyone expecting sympathies from the Russian army surrounding that city better keep wishing on a star...

"They're like animals....and I slaughtered them like animals.....I hate them!!!" - What Erdogan's turkish society is going to have to look forward to..... '

Anonymous said...

Also one comment on the news playing on Arabic t.v....

If Turkey is dumb enough to close the Bosphorous straights for Russian ships using the UN in order to wreck Russia's economy, then war is already guaranteed. It sure looks like they may close the straights.

Anonymous said...

It time to drain the kitchen sink of the islamofascists...

This time hit the right target, Turkey instead of fracking Afghanistan. About time those fascist mobs go down and no, no body give them visas anywhere in the world especially their turkish banker friends in scotland.

Heard the fascist mafia is all about family!!