Monday, November 30, 2015

What does the difference mean to you? unincorporated vs incorporated


And, now that you know, what are YOU going to do about it?

From the desk of Judge Anna Von Reitz
November 30, 2015
Big Lake Alaska

The answer is simple--- the counties have to operate as counties on the land again, that is, as UNINCORPORATED Body Politics.  Any time you incorporate something, you move it off the jurisdiction of the land and into the jurisdiction of the sea---- and therein lies the rub. 

Out of 50 "States" and 3100 counties all of them have incorporated and are therefore officially operating as "federal" franchises of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION---- like local Burger King franchises.  That does not prohibit any of them from ALSO functioning as states and counties on the land jurisdiction, but we've been such clueless dumb clucks that we weren't aware of any need to do so.  We have been deceived and "assumed" that that "thing" calling itself "Jackson County" or the "County of Jackson" was our lawful county on the land --- and that we didn't HAVE TO do anything more or organize anything or operate any Body Politic other than that. 

Now you can talk to the incorporated counties and their officers about this situation and encourage them to act in both roles---putting on one hat and singing the corporate song, and then putting on another hat and singing "Yankee Doodle"---- which is what they did for quite a number of years---- but in the end, no man can serve two masters.  It is best to just hold explicit elections for the land offices---- advertise public meetings to organize the county on the land, take nominations for the offices of the land jurisdiction--- call your courts, etc., by recognizable names like, "Jackson County Land Office" and "Jackson County Common Law Court" and so on.  At first, everyone has to serve pro bono and as volunteers.  That in no way alters the lawfulness of the office or our actions. 

And just let the incorporated "County" deal with its watery international issues and "US citizens" which are in reality few and far between. 

Once you have elected one or two County Judges, a County Sheriff, County Clerk, Bailiff, Coroner, etc., and sworn them in, the Sheriff can in turn (just like John Wayne) swear in as many Deputies on the Land as he needs to enforce the jurisdiction of the land. 

So what is the jurisdiction of the land?  It's everything and anything that was not specifically delegated as an enumerated "power"---and responsibility---- of the "federal government".  ALL other prerogatives are reserved to the States on the Land and the people.  

The position of all these "federal franchise" "States" and "Counties" is actually very weak and unattractive.  They are receiving back increasingly smaller dribs and drabs of "federal revenue sharing"---- which is their cut from the fraud that has been practiced against all of us by claiming that we "volunteered" to function as Federal United States Citizens and as chattel belonging to the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation and donated all our assets to the Public Charitable Trust in exchange for the privilege of receiving welfare benefits (and paying for them) and Social Security "benefits" (which we also had to pay for and never get any reasonable return from).  In other words, their kick-back for participating in the enslavement and abuse of their friends, families, and neighbors by private, mostly foreign-owned corporations follows a law of diminishing returns.   
Once people wake up and realize what a scourge and fraud scheme this has been, nobody will want to serve any "federal" county or "federal" state, either.  

Judge Anna

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Anonymous said...

Yeah and the interesting part about all of it is, according to the law they don't really care.

They don't have to care about anything since they got what they already wanted.

You think they're really going to go around and kick all your doors in to, to try to snag state republic citizens?

Dream on. They won't risk getting shot or bothered and basically will not come anywhere near. The reason is they already have thousands, really tens of thousands though now who are willing chattel and slaves to their system and already signed up for the IMF right on the dotted line guaranteed.

Since they have so many already, aka "the people" then everyone else is just a waste of breath. What they really want to know is which one among the slaves will try to stand up and fight for their rights anymore? So many of them are delusional fools that they figure they always need to contract with the corporation to have any services met, or do any good for themselves or their neighbors. Problem is this was always a huge lie, they have no more need for anything from the feds than they would need from McDonalds or Arbys.

That is how stupid it all is, but that's also how they are all sleep walking right into a trap when the new IMF banks take over all their so called "personal assets" and accounts for slavery round two.