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New Madrid Seismic Zone struck by Earthquake Swarm

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11/25/2015 — New Madrid Seismic Zone struck by Earthquake Swarm — Major Global Seismic unrest underway

by Michael Janitch
As if we needed any more signs the North American Plate is under heavy stress - now an earthquake swarm has broken out along the New Madrid Seismic Zone in South Missouri.
new madrid seismic zone swarm november 25 2015 earthquakes
A major global seismic unrest event is currently underway.   Over the past 1-2 weeks a noticeable increase in earthquake activity has taken place worldwide.
An earthquake forecast (and warning) was issued for the Pacific plate to be on watch for large earthquakes to strike, as well as Europe, The United States and Asia.     All the areas which were warned have been struck by noteworthy movement.
See the most recent earthquake forecast video here, even talking about the New Madrid in this broadcast warning issued 1 week ago:
As the earthquake forecast video talked about, we are now seeing the seismic pressure transfer EASTWARD from the Pacific -- starting with a new swarm of M4.0+ earthquakes in Vancouver BC, also a new swarm of M4.0+ (to mid M5.0) earthquakes struck the fracking operations in Oklahoma.
When the fracking operations can't take the pressure any more, the pressure transfers Eastward towards the New Madrid, causing earthquakes as the pressure travels along the craton edge, building towards the East coast.
Indeed the pressure has pressed further East from the fracking operations, and it has caused a new earthquake swarm to develop along the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).  This pressure transfer should be cause for some alarm in the United States, especially in the Midwest, and along the East coast.
See the line of earthquakes over the past 3 days (up to November 25, 2015) - the progression of earthquakes along the craton / plate edge is obvious.
past 72 hours of earthquakes north america November 25 2015 progression craton
Professional Geologists and Seismologists have come to my pages in the past to DENY that earthquakes are progressing from West to East (across the craton) over the course of days.
For instance, to maintain the status quo on Geology theories, professionals who read this post will literally overlook (or deny) this above graphic showing the past 3 days of earthquakes means that earthquakes are progressing.  Many even will go so far as to say it's just "chance" that this keeps happening over and over again along the craton edge.
Literally, the professionals were (are still?) in denial on the facts regarding pressure transferring from W to E over a short time.   The reason they're in denial is because THEY say (and also teach) the plate moves from East to West.  Everything they were ever taught about earthquakes transferring to other areas is (was) wrong.
In reality, the plate is moving from West to East.
The facts are confronting professionals taught "dogmas" based on false suppositions from long ago, so the professionals deny the facts until they can figure out how to save face while still admitting they're totally wrong about the direction of plate movement.
The earthquakes progress, and plates move 100% opposite, 180 degree direction difference between what "they" say about the plate movement vs. what we SEE the plates doing.
We should keep watch for possible larger movement to strike the Midwest to East coast, and also watch the Pacific plate for further activity as well.
The deep large M7.6 / M7.7 earthquakes which struck the Southeast Pacific last night (November 24th into 25th), and the other swarms of large earthquakes in the West Pacific are also signs of greater stresses showing globally.
If you live in a seismically prone area, dust off your plans OR develop an earthquake plan now.
Be prepared - just in case.
Information on this New Madrid earthquake from the USGS , largest of the swarm was a M3.0 (so far):

M3.0 - 6km SSE of Lilbourn, Missouri

Magnitude/uncertainty3.0 md± 0.2
Location/uncertainty36.538°N 89.601°W± 0.2 km
Depth/uncertainty8.7 km± 0.3
Origin Time2015-11-25 07:08:53.120 UTC
Number of Stations62
Number of Phases87
Minimum Distance4.26 km (0.04°)
Travel Time Residual0.15 sec
Azimuthal Gap30°
FE RegionMissouri (486)

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