Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CENSORED!!!! YouTube Banned It !!

VIDEO:  This  Video  on  Muslim  “Refugees”  Got  1.5  MILLION  Views  Then  YouTube  Banned  It…

Many hundreds of thousands of people have protested the mass migration of Syrian “refugees” to Europe in recent months, and even more have begun now that it has come to light that the Islamic State has been infiltrating Europe through its refugee camps.

Breitbart reported that a video was compiled of footage of refugees in Syria to give everyone an idea of just how bad the situation is getting over there.

After garnering over 1.5 million views on YouTube, the video was taken down for “copyright infringement.”

While the film is no longer on YouTube, it has been mirrored and uploaded to Facebook and other sites dozens of times, making it virtually impossible to erase from the Internet.

The film followed the journey of Syrians into Europe, beginning on boats in Greece. 

The film then took a darker turn when it showed the uglier side of the immigration crisis. 

It shows the immigrants complaining about the food and boredom, and violently rioting, among other things.


“We are in danger, every day, every minute. We need someone to protect us. They come into our houses. I want to go to work, but I can’t. Our children want to go to school, but they can’t. They have stolen our lives!” one Greek woman horrified at the number of refugees pouring into her country said.

The film also featured Donald Trump talking about the crisis.

“I’ve been watching this migration, and I’ve seen the people. I mean, these are men. They are mostly men, and they are strong men … they look like prime-time solders. 

Look, Europe is going to have to handle, but they are going to have riots in Germany,” he said.  

“I always thought Merkel was a great leader, but what she’s done in Germany is insane,” Trump stated.

The film is chilling when you consider that President Barack Obama wants to start bringing some of these refugees into America, as does Hillary Clinton.

Remember this video when you go to vote in 2016. Our country’s future hangs in the balance.


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I better sew a 'target' logo to the back of
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