Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Extortion? By a 15 year old muslim kid

BREAKING:  Clock  Kid  Threatens  Texas  Town  With  60  Day  Deadline Or  He’s  Gonna  Do  Something  SICK

The Muslim teenager in Texas who brought a fake clock to school that looked all too much like a real bomb is demanding $15 million from the city and school district he used to live in — or he’ll try to get even more in a civil rights lawsuit.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Ahmed Mohamed – whose family has announced it’s moving to Qatar to escape the 'racist United States' – wants the money as compensation for the day in September when he was detained at his school and led away in handcuffs because authorities were suspicious about the device he brought to school.

The teenager’s case became a cause celebre among leftists – including 'president' Barack Obama who issued an invitation to the White House Mohamed accepted even after it was established that he never built the “homemade clock” he brought to school with him.

But the ordeal of being invited to the White House, getting to meet celebrities and becoming a celebrity himself was apparently too much for the family.

The letter claims the boy’s life was turned upside down. In addition to the money — $10 million from the city of Irving, Texas, and $5 million from the Irving School District, the Ahmed is demanding an apology – in writing – for everything he went through.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the letter gives the city and the school district 60 days to come up with the money for the 'torment' — and includes the petulant question: “What must that do to a young man?”

Indeed. It must have been worse than we can imagine – what with meeting Middle East royalty, hobnobbing with celebrities and being feted by the best and brightest of New York City and all.

Well, if going through a storm of leftist media adoration wasn’t the kind of thing a Muslim kid can’t handle, we probably wouldn’t be having such a problem with the attention-hungry thugs of the Islamic State.

Hopefully, the officials of Irving, Texas and the Irving School District will treat this extortion with the contempt it deserves.

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Anonymous said...

As much as this is exploited.
If this kid wins, this will mean when they kidnap (calling it arrest - no warrant) a 5 year old over the shape of a sandwich, or threaten a 9 year old over the contents of a letter to a school crush, these stupid teachers, administrators, trustees, and the police system who are teaching our children to be afraid, and submit, and ignorant, and stupid and paranoid will learn, their crime does not pay.

They cannot make someone submit to their will under threat, duress, and coercion.

Anyone who doesn't want someone to have rights because of any superficial reason, needs to stop talking about the constitution, because it guarantees what this boy is seeking, and I didn't know that piece of paper conveys the facts of the rights for some and not all; endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights.

Yes the people could end up paying for what they did to this youth.

But the people need to stand up, and should be ashamed they are so fearful, they have to let a youth who is not afraid, and who is discriminated against for things he and his family did not do, over mass paranoia.

Grow up Awake and Awares!
It's us, making changes, and us don't have any color, or race, or religion, or sexual orientation, or creed, any other differentiation, except to want the right to live free from trespass by stranger under color of authority.....a federal felony if you didn't realize it.

That's my two cents.
Someone who believes in freedom and justice for some, may comment, and that's okay.
I stick by the facts.
When this youth wins his freedom, he wins it for everyone because they will think twice before doing it to anyone else.

I'm sure many families who's children are in the system by CPS, wish they had thought of this and kept their family together.

This youth is still with his family because they know their rights to keep their youth, regardless of the claims if 'pre-crime', and 'Minority Report'.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some 'bar attorney' is thinking about
his cut/commission of fees from 'the temple court'
after he is awarded some financial 'judgement'
in this frivolous case....