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This petition has been responded to by the White House. See the response below.  No date was shown



NESARA implements the following changes and others:

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt .
2. Abolishes the income tax.
3. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential-new-items-only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.
4. Increases benefits to senior citizens.
6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts.
7. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
8. Creates a new U.S. Treasury currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals.

For complete information:
Published Date: Sep 28, 2011

total signatures: 6,623

Official White House Response to Announce and Implement the NATIONAL ECONOMIC SECURITY AND REFORMATION ACT - NESARA

What We Have to Say About the "National Economic Security and Reformation Act"

By Jon Carson

Thank you for signing this petition. We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on
The proposals in the "National Economic Security and Reformation Act" have not been introduced in Congress, and the Obama Administration cannot implement a law that has not been passed.

Moreover, many of the proposals referenced in the petition are not consistent with 'president' Obama's blueprint for an American economy built to last

For example, a previous petition response from Jason Furman of the National Economic Council explains that the Obama Administration does not support a national sales tax because it would burden middle class families while slashing taxes for the wealthiest Americans. 

That response also describes 'president' Obama's plan for a fundamental reform of our tax system that lowers tax rates and eliminates inefficient and unfair tax breaks. 

Finally, you can learn more about the 'president's' policies to improve the economy and put America back to work on the White House website.

Thank you once again for participating in We the People. We appreciate hearing your opinions and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Jon Carson is Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Public Engagement 


Feel free to comment about the response from Jon Carson as well as the NESARA law passage itself



Anonymous said...

I wondered when this site would get back to its original purpose, promoting NESARA.

Anonymous said...

That sick #$@% is supposed to really do what we ask regardless. If the majority wants this then do it and he should return all his bribe money in the process.

Anonymous said...

The people that have read NESARA and understands English would know that the White House can't implement NESARA at this time. So you say why not? We have to be on the gold standard before implementing NESARA.

When the new TRN's/USN's come out next week then they can announce NESARA which should be announced within 7 days from the new currency coming out.

Just be patient as I believe they are getting us past the 1st of the month so as to have 30 days to implement the St. Germain Trust funding to all American citizens 21 years of age or older. Non citizens would all have their funds waiting for them in their home countries as all people from all countries will have funds coming to them. Ken T.

Felix said...

By all means, we Americans and the world for that matter want NESARA to be enacted into Law ! It is long overdue ! Thank you ! Karl H. Goesele.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 12:15 PM: Personally, I don't believe this blog site has forgotten or neglected NESARA at all. True, NESARA was and remains an integral part of this website’s original purpose but several things are to occur before NESARA can be enacted in its fullest extent. Consider the fact that the criminal powers that be have sufficient power and tricks up their sleeves to do whatever they damn well please - including but not limited to stalling and even killing NESARA by their REFUSAL to bring forth its full enactment. They don't go by 'laws' - EXCEPT where it serves THEIR purposes. For them to allow the enactment of NESARA is diametrically opposed to their programs to further enslave us, and even murder us. So, when the Federal Reserve, the CON-gress, the Executive Admin and the military, and to include all the purposely created criminal 'gov departments' (DHS, CIA, FBI, et al) stand in the way of its enactment, just HOW DO YOU PROPOSE ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ GET NESARA ENACTED? Perhaps by civil war? And or assassinations of all the criminals at the helm of the U.S.A. criminal corporation? Including those behind the scenes who CONTROL the dummy puppets in 'office'? I think you have made an unfair remark concerning those who work so hard behind the scenes at this website. How many times do you want them to publish the NESARA 'law'? How many times all the published reports about how it was signed in to law - Delta Force holding guns at Clinton's head in the oval office forcing Clintonista to sign it? Forcing the CON-gress to sign it? What other info should be published? How many times during a 24 X 7 time period do you want all that published? What good do you think that is going to do? If you would research through the Blog Archive provided to the left of the main page, you can find all the postings to date, including on NESARA. My suggestion to you would be to do your own broadcasting about NESARA to your friends, family and community to educate them. Do what you can do to get others involved in returning our nation to its rightful Republic government. Make suggestions on what this blog could publish if you wish, but understand if people get tired of reading about NESARA day after day after day and they stop returning to this blog, then what good will that do? Instead of taking pot shots at the blog and those who VOLUNTEER to run it, why not make positive remarks such as 'thanks for your time and efforts to inform us', and provide positive suggestions for them to consider on how to get the NESARA info posted on the blog to retain readership without losing readers? By the way, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PROMOTE NESARA?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:44 have you heard some news about the 1st of the month announcement?
If so please share it with us.
I'm sure we are all hoping and praying for the change....thanks

Anonymous said...

What action do you suggest in order to hasten NESARA?

Anonymous said...

I'm told RV will be next week for the public. Although it sounds great one never knows as something new that needs to be taken care of may pop-up. Let's pay it's next week. Myself I'm counting on it.

After the RV we will be on the gold standard with new gold backed money. Once that happens the Prosperity Packages can go out and once 70% of those are delivered they can announce NESARA.

Let's all of us Pray it in and give God the Glory when it happens. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

I'm an equal-opportunity 'offender',
that is positively obsessed with the truth,
and plenty pissed off about what has been done
to 'We the People' and our country, it's entire existence.

The ANSWERS can partly be found in the primary historical information within this
YouTube presentation:
James Arrabito's -
'Occult History of the Jesuit Order' (parts 1 - 10) about 15 minutes each

How will it be possible, to diffuse the amount of rage as a result of so much
warrantless pain, born by so many for so long ?

We better hope for some 'angelic' intervention, capable of soothing
what is beyond human comprehension...

Wink Wink said...

Thank You for your commitment, work & desire to help us all. I disagree. There shall be no across the board tax much less 14%. The gov thugs in charge of handling our finances have zero credibility. The Federal Gov is to be smashed to a pulp of its original intent. Period. Only states, as sovereign states themselves are permitted to levy taxes & only as their humans agree. Again, these idiots have NO Business handling OUR FUNDS. No IRS. No Power over states. No One is Ever to think they shall make decisions for us as a whole. This sounds like some kind of a 'deal' being made w the gov thugs. Absolutely not.

We ought to also consider the abject raping of our resources, shipping goods out to turn around & ship in the same consumer goods. Right now the USDA with Cargill has contracted to sell our livestock, alive, to nations where they will be slaughtered & resold to us. Why? So the corporations can control & profit from our resources. We are then told water prices must be controlled & increased to water cattle, grain, Big Pharma, Agra etc steps in, massive pollution, animal cruelty, etc.for corporate profits, not for our benefit. No More. Our livestock must remain here. They are producing much more than we need for their profit, their harvest of our resources & of us. Now they want a higher tax on beef. You know the process, you're well versed folks here.

Now consider the same for other resources such as oil. They drill, refine ship out & ship in for consumption. Why? For Big Oil to manage our resources. All oil production facilities are to be owned & managed by the states in which they're located. Possession of Oil companies must be removed from mega corporations, period. We control our own resources. by the way, does any one know IF its true that oil companies receive about $1million in minerals per barrel? Something they haven't told us, perhaps?

Same with taxes... None of our IRS tax monies stay here, all goes thru Puerto Rico & is sent to City of London where they keep 40%, then to the Vatiscam where they keep 60%, as per Pres. Reagan's Grace Commission Report. Why? So they have control over their human resources for their profit. We have been harvested enough. No 14% tax by anyone other than the states humans decide. No Deal.

Run this nation as a Republic w sovereign states first, smash Fed Gov Thugs to a pulp, provide interest free monies, AND provide us our wealth as well as all earnings from birth certificates (said to average about $6 mill each, which they currently keep, too). Please do not start on about how we will ruin this nation if we're allowed to have the benefits of our true worth. Have had enough of men, especially men's clubs, telling us what we can & cannot do & how much we're going to be harvested. We need a reprieve from our enslavement before anyone should be creating a future of tax obligations. Thanks for listening. You are the best!