Tuesday, November 24, 2015

U.S. Company Helping ISIS… This Is TREASON

ALERT:  Anonymous  Hackers  Reveal  THIS  U.S.  Company  Helping  ISIS … This  Is  TREASON

Following the recent series of terrorist attacks that bloodied Paris, online “hacktivist” group Anonymous declared open war against the Islamic State group.

That digital front in the war against the radical jihadists has consisted of direct denial of service attacks and other efforts to shut down social media accounts and websites used by the Islamists to communicate, coordinate attacks and recruit new jihadis.

However, there has been a significant obstacle in the way of an otherwise overwhelming victory for Anonymous, and that obstacle resides in Silicon Valley in the United States, according to the group.

Anonymous has announced on Twitter that Cloudflare has been actively assisting websites used by the Islamic State group to defend against Anonymous’ attacks.

According to Business Insider, Cloudflare is a U.S.-based web hosting service that helps websites stay online when they are undergoing DDoS attacks designed to crash their sites with overwhelming traffic, a tactic commonly used by Anonymous.

The tech start-up company, which has been in business for six years, proudly does not discriminate about who they serve, and they readily admit that they have protected dozens of Islamic State group-affiliated websites and social media accounts.

CEO Matthew Prince is now firing back at those criticizing his company and the services it provides, noting that Anonymous itself has utilized the company’s protections before.

“I did see a Twitter handle said that they were mad at us,” Prince said. “I’d suggest this was armchair analysis by kids — it’s hard to take seriously. Anonymous uses us for some of its sites, despite pressure from some quarters for us to take Anonymous sites offline.”

“Even if we were hosting sites for ISIS, it wouldn’t be of any use to us … I should imagine those kinds of people pay with stolen credit cards and so that’s a negative for us,” he continued.

Prince added that he would be willing to cease protecting some of the terror-related websites if he were approached through the proper legal channels, but noted that “more often than not, investigators want (me) to keep sites up rather than take them down.”

While the Anonymous group should be commended for the actions they are taking against the Islamic State group, which are certainly disrupting their plots and plans to wreak havoc, Matthew Prince does make a valid point.

The intelligence agencies working diligently to track and infiltrate the radical jihadist groups often use their online activity to monitor and learn more about them, and the efforts of companies like Cloudflare to keep those disgusting websites up can actually provide a service to those seeking to thwart the terror groups.

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