Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mafia offers 'hit' on ISIS


Bada Bing! Mafia offers 'hit' on ISIS for NYC


'We make sure our friends and families are protected'

Giovanni Gambino Jr. (Credit: Twitter)
Giovanni Gambino Jr. (Credit: Twitter)

Giovanni Gambino, the son of reputed mobster John Gambino, said La Cosa Nostra is ready and willing to fight ISIS – and offer protection to gang supporters and allies.

Moreover, the mob’s much better equipped to protect the residents of New York City than the police are, he added, the New York Post reported.

In an interview with NBC News, Gambino also pointed out the potential for the mob to shine bright and clean in the face of fighting ISIS.

“The rise of global terrorism gives the mafia a chance to show its good side,” he said, during the interview. “We make sure our friends and families are protected from extremists and terrorists, especially … the Islamic State.”

He went on, saying both civilian law enforcement and the federal government too often fail to realize the full scope of dangers in time to act.

“They often act too late,” he said, “or fail to see a complete picture of what’s happening due to a lack of human intelligence.

But the mafia has the inside scoop on a lot of street-level information and intel that falls under the radar of even the best of federal surveillance, he said, Reuters reported. 

One big plus with the mafia’s intel? Mobsters know how to maintain tight watch on the day-to-day movements of individuals who generate their interest, he said.

“The mafia has a bad reputation,” he said, TeleSurTV reported. “But much of that’s undeserved. As with everything in life, there are good, bad and ugly parts.”
Gambino is trying to kick off a Hollywood career in screenwriting.


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