Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Group patrols ARIZONA border for terrorists


SASABE, AZ - A group of veterans and concerned citizens, who've been patrolling the border for five years, are now turning their focus on what they believe are new threats to America.

"There's Palestinians, Afghans, Syrians trying to get in. We are trying to stop everything and anything from coming across," said Tim Foley, the field operations director of Arizona Border Recon. 

Many of the members used to serve in the United States military. All, however, are worried about the possibility of a terrorist coming to the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border.

"We have the war on drugs and the war on terror and it seems that they are combining right here on the border," said Foley. 

"We're not a militia, we're not a three percent group, we do not advocate overthrowing the government . . . we are an extra set of eyes and ears for Border Patrol."

Every few months, the group meets to patrol the Arizona, Mexico border for seven days and seven nights. They set up a six to nine mile perimeter, in order to push those attempting to come across illegally, into territory with a higher Border Patrol presence. 

"When your friends come to your home, they come to your front door, not your back window," said Foley.

These veterans believe patrolling the border is another way they can continue to fight for their country. 

"You don't lock your doors because you hate what's outside, but because you love what's inside," said Mark McConnell, a volunteer for Arizona Border Recon. 

The Public Affairs Office of the Tucson Sector Border Patrol released this statement, in regards to the matter:

"Border security work is potentially dangerous and complex; usually taking place in remote locations in very inhospitable terrain. 

Border Patrol agents receive extensive training, and are taught to coordinate and communicate with a multitude of law enforcement officers to prevent unanticipated encounters with one another. 

Agents are also supported by ground-based and sophisticated aerial detection technology.  

We strongly encourage private citizens and all non-governmental organizations to contact the Border Patrol and/or local law enforcement authorities to report suspected unlawful activity."


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