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Correct number is 42,000 trying to cross the border!

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Democrats once again fail the US military VETS


Yes, this is almost a week old but I am publishing this anyway to once again show the TRUTH about the 'demo-RATS' to our military. 
March 21 2018

One GOOD POINT about the article below - The Omnibus Bill is NOT A LAW! It is merely the ignorant demo-RATS agreeing to funding and, as usual, believing that funding will be done according to THEIR plans!  But THE PRESIDENT HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT IS TO BE FUNDED AND WHAT IS NOT TO BE FUNDED!  He
IS funding various allocations to the military - to make up for all the years the Obama dictatorship literally did nothing for the military.   

House Democrats block veterans’ health care bill

WASHINGTON — House appropriators released their omnibus budget bill on Wednesday without a proposed package of veterans reforms included, a missed opportunity that has lawmakers and veterans groups worried whether the ideas will ever move forward.

The $1.3 trillion spending package — which includes the full fiscal 2018 funding for the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies — must be passed by the end of the week to avoid another partial government shutdown. Officials released the overall spending parameters for the budget in last month, but worked out funding details for the massive measure in recent days.

The must-pass nature of the legislation made it a target for a host of special interest items, including the proposed VA reforms.

The package circulated among lawmakers and outside advocates called for an overhaul of VA community care programs — the White House’s top legislative priority for the department this year — along with an expansion of veteran caregiver benefits and a review of the VA system’s national footprint.

All three issues have been the center of contentious fights on Capitol Hill, and the compromise package was hailed by veterans groups in a letter to congressional leaders as a step that would “measurably improve the lives of millions of veterans today and in the future.”

Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee agreed to the plan, as did House Republican leaders. But House Democrats raised a host of objections to the idea in recent days, sidelining the possible reforms for now.

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  1. "Folks, sometimes what Bibi Netanyahu and the Israelis think are good for Israel may not be good for America, England, or any other western country whose politicians are sold out to the Jewish state, and it should be ok to say that.

    Don’t forget that American Zionist Neo-Cons wrote the plan for the US and Israel to redraw the map of the Middle East that started this mess.

    The plan came from a group named the “Project For A New American Century” founded by American Jews Robert Kagan and William Kristol in a paper called, “A Clean Break,” written for Netanyahu in 1996."

    Syrian War Lies and the Greater Israel Project

  2. Why haven't these demonrats, Cellulosi, Killary, and out of 'Sessions' been charged and hung, along with the rest? It's WAY past time for the treasonous bastards to take their licks, and LIKE IT!!

  3. who records these videos with the so called back ground music that is not only way too loud, but very distracting to anyone really trying to listen. Your back ground is robbing the main event of its focus. I just shut it down within the first few minutes.

  4. Does a parallel or mirror exist as far as the US-Mexico and the Israel-Palestine walls are concerned? As the US contains a large portion of the same peoples and their* associated dogmas, world-view and culture of that found in Israel is the world headed for a global greater Israel where-in Israel represents the flash-point in the Middle East and Texas New-Mexico the flash point of the Americas? Quo bono? Cui plagalis?

    (*Note: US culture (incl. its dominant elements of protestant/catholic/charismatic faith religions) has become extremely globalist & Jewish.

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  6. Lot of info in a short video: Youtube Shooting, #QAnon, Trump: Military 2 Border, Saudis: Israel O.K. #AntiSchool April 3 2018 -

    1. Great video, thanks for posting!

  7. just some dude with dslApril 4, 2018 at 5:14 AM

    Pelosi couldn't ooze more pure evil if she started doing yoga. I've never seen such pure evil in daylight, other then hillery c word! Karma will eventually burn these witches!

  8. when democrats legislate this happens

    "...(Bill) Clinton offered Lynch the Supreme Court seat of murdered Antonin Scalia in exchange for ensuring the FBI’s investigation into Hillary was stopped." ... Loretta Lynch announces she will accept FBI findings ...

    BREAKING: Feds Make Terrifying Announcement About Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting

    Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting Read more

  9. Demo-rats par for the course, no?

  10. Check out her 'picture' on youtube, 'Miss Lube Rack', 1955- Her 'Helen's Melons' ended up to be 'Saggy Maggies'-LMAO!!