Mexico US border being overrun! 
Over 100 Syrian terrorists just caught! 
Military asking for patriots to assist 
immediately closing holes along entire border!

Orders are come heavy and if shot at, shoot back!
Correct number is 42,000 trying to cross the border!

Contact General Terry Kelly at 205-388-9889
Contact Lt. Commander Payton at 702-275-2712
More news will be posted when available!

News of this on ham bands. 3.860.00 khz lsb 80 meter.
Nothing on mainstream! 

Monday, April 2, 2018

You Need To Hear This Right Now!

United States and Canada
You Need To Hear This Right Now! 

Two incredible whistle blowers step forward to tell the truth about UFO's and Aliens.  Retired Army UFO Consultant, Sgt. Clifford Stone and Retired NATO Intelligence Analyst, Robert Dean - These two men have been deep within the UFO Secrecy with High level clearance.

Disclosure is a process and different for every individual. Many people will just disregard all the evidence, witnesses, abduction cases, whistle blowers, videos and photographs either because they have bought in to the brainwashing and cover-up or because to do otherwise would shatter their belief systems and cause them to question everything they have been taught.

I urge all of you to do your own research. The information provided in this video and below should help you along your journey.

"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."
Thomas Jefferson
"No government has the right 
to destroy the lives of the people it is to serve!"
Information on NATO and the UFOs

The Truth About Aliens
Retired NATO Intelligence Analyst
Robert Dean Speaks (Re-upload)



  1. Illegal aliens are the immediate threat. (There are benevolent ets watching over the earth at present. And there is a War in space at this time, perceived as light in this dimension.)

    Meanwhile: Something Trump will have to face at some point.
    During the time of Alexander the Great, when he had conquered the mid-eastern tribes, when any of those peoples murdered or assassinated (or attempted to) a Greek, the person responsible – and their entire family – were put to death. To not do so would only lead to further vengeance and revenge by family members. When these invading terrorists in the USA do the same, the same treatment – death, deportation, exile or whatever – need apply to the entire family. The mentality of these nomadic tribes have not evolved since before the days of Alexander. They are deliberately exploiting the Freedoms of Americans (which they are not) to further their political movement under the guise of a ‘religion.’ This is the doom of Sweden, Germany, and now Britian and France – and the USA if Trump does not succeed.

  2. Trump has ALREADY succeeded- He's still here, isn't he? The shadow gov and the elite, along with the MI Complex has been shitting twinkies with razor blades for months, now, they know they are screwed, they are a mentally deranged and confused mess right now, which will, eventually, lead to their demise-The united states will be just fine-

  3. Stop and think about this for a moment- IF the shadow gov and the MI complex 'REALLY' wanted Trump dead, it would have happened by now, don't you think? They have tried everything to stop him, and nothing will ever work, as he is always 7 steps ahead of them- 'Obastard's' army is nothing, as they have an 'alligator mouth, with a hummingbird ass, and THEIR mouths write checks that their ass can't cash- How's that for point on? They are ALL going to prison, hang, or firing squad- Any of the affore mentioned bothers me not- Personally, I can't wait, and welcome it freely-

  4. just some dude with dslApril 4, 2018 at 4:57 AM

    Jesus Christ is why Trump is still alive! Divine protection in progress! Hate the man if your programed to be a demon crat, hes a true patriot and powerful soul that is hated by evil because he speaks the truth. Remind you of anyone who was put on a cross? To be called a liar? Nobody is perfect but President Trump has more conviction and humanity then the last 30 years of nwo clone presidents. And you can all thank your lucky stars that President Putin is a Christian, or we would all be dead... President Trump is protected by a higher power!