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Correct number is 42,000 trying to cross the border!

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Operation Atonement - protecting children and stopping their killers


Ending the Reign of Criminal Churches

Commencing on Child Holocaust Remembrance Day
April 15, 2018
under the auspices of The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
The Aim:
1. To identify, disrupt and stop church-related child torture, trafficking and murder;
2. To enforce standing common law arrest and reclamation warrants against convicted churches and individuals, and
3. To legally, materially and spiritually disestablish these criminal church corporations.
The Means:
1. Public Teach-ins, Educational Forums and Ceremonies
2. Public Protests, Occupations, Spiritual Exorcisms and Civil Disobedience
3. Citizens’ Arrests and Seizures of Church Assets and Property
4. Boycotts, Financial Sanctions and Sabotage
5. Public Tribunals and Common Law Court Trials
The Actors:
We the People, authorized by Court Warrants and accompanied by Common Law Sheriffs, special action units and deputized police officers.
Background Information
The growing global effort to halt the systemic abuse and trafficking of children was sparked by the ITCCS in February of 2013 when its Brussels-based common law court successfully tried and deposed Pope Benedict, and convicted Queen Elizabeth and others for complicity in Crimes against Humanity. Since then, similar courts have issued arrest warrants against the highest officials of the Catholic, Anglican and United Churches and their governmental and corporate partners in crime. It is now up to the people of all countries to take direct action to halt the massive child trafficking networks run by these churches because of the deep complicity of existing courts and governments with their crimes. As convicted criminal bodies, these churches have lost the right to legally operate under both international and moral law. It is We the People who must enforce this law and defend children everywhere from religious predators.
The ITCCS and its affiliates in nine countries are launching a new global effort to bring an end to the reign of these child-killing church corporations in the form of Operation Atonement. We have chosen April 15, 2018 as the commencement date for this open-ended, ongoing campaign, for on that day in the year 2005 survivors of the genocidal, church-run “Indian residential schools” in Canada launched the first Aboriginal Holocaust Remembrance Day. Building on this, we are commencing an even more universal Child Holocaust Day so that the global industry of profiting off and murdering children will be stop forever.
The Nature, Course and Strategy of Operation Atonement
For centuries, the state-incorporated churches – especially the Church of Rome and of England – have murdered, enslaved and waged unrelenting warfare against the world’s people, seized and stolen their lands and wealth, brutalized and trafficked their children and imposed a stifling mental and spiritual tyranny over most of humanity. They have done so as partners in Empire and as such are politically protected and legally shielded by all governments from the consequences of their continuing crimes. As a result, these tax-exempted religious corporations have become transnational criminal bodies that are deeply involved in organized crime, the global arms industry and drug and child trafficking. The Vatican is the most murderous and wealthiest criminal syndicate in history, and it kills and corrupts with impunity while feigning humanity and “divine authority”.
Because of this, we cannot stop these churches’ crimes against the innocent without striking at the heart of their power, which is threefold: their money, their legality, and their credibility. For despite their apparent authority, these religious bodies are extremely vulnerable to public exposure because of the depth of their wrongdoing. Our campaigns have proven this by our successful deposing of Pope Benedict, Jesuit leader Adolfo Pachon and three other top Vatican officials during 2013 and 2014.
Operation Atonement is designed to strike directly at all three of these weak points in the defenses of this deceptive enemy. It will do so publicly, lawfully, and by educating and mobilizing the people, both inside and outside of these churches. Our aim is a simple one: to disestablish these false and criminal institutions by making it impossible for them to operate. Our weapons are both material and spiritual, and we shall call upon divine providence and intervention to abolish these false churches.
Operation Atonement will proceed in three stages: Education, Direct Action and Disestablishment.
Stage One will begin on Sunday, April 15, 2018 with commemorative ceremonies outside and inside targeted churches, including spiritual exorcisms and prayer vigils. We will make a direct appeal to members of these churches to separate themselves from their evil through fasting, prayer and withholding all tithing. These public events will be followed for two weeks with a general public education campaign and the selective training of our cadres at teach-ins and workshops. The latter will be designed to arm our activists with an understanding of their enemy and train them for the upcoming battles.
Stage Two will begin on Monday, April 30, 2018 with direct actions aimed at the church institutions and their top officers and clergy, including those who stand convicted in ITCCS common law courts. The normal operations of the targeted churches will be disrupted according to the requirements of international law. Guilty individuals will be peacefully arrested and publicly banished from the community, or handed over to deputized police forces for imprisonment under the terms of their convictions. Church facilities will be peacefully occupied and their assets and properties seized to prevent their criminal usage, as required under international law. Stage Two will be open-ended and will continue as long as is necessary to forever halt the operations of these churches.
Stage Three will accompany Stage Two and will seek to achieve the permanent disestablishment of these church corporations. Stage Three will have three aspects: legal, financial and spiritual.
a) Legal: Public Common Law Courts and Citizen Tribunals will be convened to bring to trial anyone suspected or guilty of crimes against children and humanity. These Courts will issue and enforce warrants to arrest the guilty and seize their assets and properties. Public Tribunals will operate as permanent citizen-led investigative bodies to monitor criminal churches and their partners, and bring charges and legal actions against them.
b) Financial: A long-term campaign of economic sanctions and sabotage will be brought against these churches to de-fund them and seize their assets, as is required under international law governing criminal bodies. These sanctions will be extensive and will include reducing church tithing and collections; nullifying their charitable tax-exempt status and their right to operate under the law; targeting individual donors and bequests, as well as the insurance companies that underwrite these churches; and imposing financial liens and lawsuits on individual church officers as responsible parties to a serial crime. The general aim will be to prevent these criminal churches from financially operating.
c) Spiritual: Recognizing the demonic nature of the Vatican-led crimes against children and humanity, our efforts are also aimed at the spiritual forces that rule these false churches. Our first public exorcism of the power behind the Vatican in October, 2009 disrupted that power and began its demise. Through divine grace, we will continue to use weapons of the spirit to expose and expel the unseen forces that sustain church criminality and corruption. Our aim is to disestablish those forces and their puppet church bodies and officials, and help release Christians from their spiritual enslavement to institutionalized evil.
The strategy behind Operation Atonement is both material and spiritual, designed to publicly and psychologically destroy the legitimacy of these false churches and nullify their authority. At every moment our campaign will appeal to the hearts and minds of the church members and the public, including the police and state authorities. Standing on the moral high ground as we always have done, our basic appeal will be that just and honest people have no place in murderous and duplicitous corporations; and that true Christians have no need for religious hierarchies. But accompanying this “carrot” will be the hard legal hammer that their funding or participation in such legally convicted churches makes them an accomplice in their crimes, and subject to arrest. This two-fold approach cannot be countered by church leaders without them opening the Pandora’s Box of their crimes that they must hide from their “flock”: an impossible, no-win scenario for them.
Similarly, governments are continually exposed by their use of our tax money to subsidize these felonious bodies, and by the refusal of their courts to prosecute proven church child rapists and killers. Both church and state are inherently on the defensive over the entire issue of church crimes, and can therefore be manipulated and provoked into the responses we want by our own relatively small forces. Again, we have shown in practice how possible this is, once even a tiny group acts with courage and persistence, and establishes the field of battle.
Coordination and Preparation
The organizing for Operation Atonement has already begun. Orientation handbooks and other material will be available by January 15, 2018. The general Operation will be coordinated by the ITCCS Directorate through its three Field Secretaries, in North America, Europe and Australia. Local affiliates and people in these respective areas should write to or to the emails listed below to connect with one of these Secretaries. The latter will help you organize your own local action group and will keep you updated and supplied.
Preparing for Operation Atonement begins with your own commttment to this sacred cause of protecting children and stopping their killers. Many of you may find yourself on your own, or in the company of only one or two others who are willing to take this course of action. Don’t be disheartened; others will join you when you begin to act. We have found that even a handful of people armed with the truth can force the biggest criminal institution into an irrational panic. Press that point of weakness and your efforts will be rewarded.
Regular updates about our campaign can be seen at But the time for you to choose is now. We look forward to working with you in the months ahead. Unite and act now, for the children!


April 15, 2018 

Operation Atonement (manned by citizen volunteers) were set to perform citizens' arrests against known child rapists and certain church officials who aid them.  

Volunteers will peacefully occupy church facilities, disrupt their operations and halt funding and legal protection that enabled the criminal institutions. 

You were invited to join the nearest Operation Atonement Action Group and halt these false and murderous churches. 

For information, please contact: to join up.

Kevin Annett: Worldwide Citizens Arrests for Child Rapists on April 15 


  1. Kevin Annett and his “Tribunal “ are frauds. Legitimate organizations do not use Gmail email addresses.

    1. What? Kevin and his 'tribunal' are NOT Canadian government employees or agents. They are people like you and me except that they care deeply about the plight of the children who wind up missing, or sexually assaulted, abused, and murdered. They are concerned to the point of stepping out from the couch in their living rooms, turning off the boob tube and going out to search for and to free the children who are held hostage to abuse - and even death. It is really difficult for me to understand how people cannot 'see' this situation for what it is, and be ready and willing to join with Annette and the others in their citizen capacity to help these children. What do you need reader? Pictures of the children being raped, murdered, carved up and served on pizzas before you have a heart to understand the need and to help Kevin and his friends to help these children? What the heck difference does it make what the email address is? Such pettiness!!!! Boy, do the hard, cold, never ending critical comments never cease? Geeezzz!

    2. There is no tribunal or any organization except Annett. He has no status in the world, only in his mind.

  2. anon 5:48,... would you care to elaborate on your statement against Mr. Annett? Didn't think so. Bearing false witness against persons doing the work of God is pretty serious, no? Member of the Catholic church?, or other churches that HAVE participated in acts of torture and murder?, Raping children? Remember that the Lord said to 'come out of her'. (churches that harm and divide?), that CONTROL and take money from the poor? Be ever so careful, my friend.

  3. just some dude with dslApril 10, 2018 at 2:23 AM

    I like you slaveman... We understand retards...