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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Repeal National Firearms Act, legalize machine guns

Finally! Republican Senate Candidate Goes On Offensive: Calls For Legalizing Machine Guns & Repealing National Firearms Act

Seriously, we need more of this!  Lots more of this!  A US Senate candidate from Missouri has ruffled a lot of feather in both political parties, but for good reason and good cause after he called for “going on the offensive” and legalizing machine guns and repealing the National Firearms Act.
American producer, writer, political activist, and commentator Austin Petersen is fed up with hearing the whining from the little Communists and the big ones in our country as they attack our God-given rights and our Constitution.
He has watched as they have advanced their agenda in DC and in the states and wants to stop playing defense with those who attack the Second Amendment and start playing offense.
On Wednesday evening, Petersen sent tweeted something that I have longed to hear on the Second Amendment from a person seeking to represent the people.
“Time to stop playing defense on the 2ndAmendment and start going on the offense. It’s time we start talking about legalizing machine guns and repealing the National Firearms Act entirely,” Petersen tweeted.


  1. “going on the offensive” isn't even the issue considering that the government does not protect its citizens and that it ( the government ) expects of its citizens to protect themselves as stated in degrees by the above-mentioned article.

    Most important of all, though many people view themselves as citizens (= bonded securitized slaves) of the USG and which they are not it is all the more reason to acquire the best protection available. (This should make government officials and its owners joyous as they are now assured of a stable and productive citizenry and tax source. No? Beast system is insatiable.)

    Not just the 2nd Amendment right but the responsibility to protect ourselves have always been ours. Don't act on Commie lies.

    And here are many more profound reasons to be discovered why the issue of true offensive capability is the best form of defense -YOUR ONLY RELIABLE DEFENSE AGAINST CRIMINALS - against tyranny and a formidable enemy - ravenous cabal wolves posing as sheep entrenched in and influencing all major cultures and religions ruling the world - that requires our utmost devotion in all matters regarding self-protection:

    The Secret History of The Khazarian Mafia

    1. Controllers, government from latin govern=to control and ment=mind

      You can start your waking up by watching the movie "They live" John Carpenter
      Trailer clip - 1 min 48 sec:

      Throughout history a long list of people have been exposing government(s) in reality Khazarian Mafia banksters. Really, in this day and age to question the existence of government is too painful to bear. Where have you been? Did you make an attempt to watch the video or are you trolling on behalf of the KM?

  2. get er done More guns.

  3. My intel says that Austen Peterson is a Cabal plant. Anyone approving this post will be marked for arrest and imprisonment in an offshore secret prison

  4. 4:42 P.M- BULL$#@!-