Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Coffee Creamer – Cancer In A Cup


This was the question that I asked a friend of mine when they brought over a container of this industrial goo. 

The coffee creamer, pictured below and in the video on this page, was freshly purchased and had almost a month before it’s expiration date. 

It was not altered in any way and yet this was exactly what it looked like:

Intrigued, I took a look at the label to see what ingredients could be causing this just purchased and still fresh smelling coffee creamer to act like something you would seal your bathroom tiles with. 

Below is a short definition of each ingredient. 

These are the same ingredients found in almost all coffee creamers, and if you drink coffee creamer in either liquid or powdered form, this is what you are eating.

Coffee Creamer Ingredients:

Water, sugar, palm oil, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate, polysorbate 60, carrageenan, salt

We all know what Water, Sugar and Salt are, but what are the rest of those chemicals?

Palm oil: Studies have shown that even small amounts of palm oil result in higher LDL-cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol) and it is even worse for cardiovascular health than trans fats

A common marketing ploy used on products containing palm oil is that they contain zero trans fats. This may be true, but palm oil can be detrimental to  cardiovascular health within as little as six weeks. 

Palm oil is found in artificial coffee creamer and many other processed foods and is often labeled simply as “vegetable oil”.

Sodium caseinate: This is just another name for Monosodium Glutamate or MSG. MSG is an excitotoxin that damages neuro transmitters in the brain, and has been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and can also exasperate learning disabilities. MSG is also a major contributor of obesity because it can triple the amount of insulin released by the pancreas.

Dipotassium phosphate: In multiple studies the most common side affect is nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

Dipotassium phosphate is a drug used in hospitals to clean out the colon before a colonscopy and is very irritating to the digestive system. It is also classified by the FDA as a reproductive hazard that can cause adverse affects on fetuses.

Mono and diglycerides: These are food additives that extend the shelf life of a product. They also contain trans fats that are dangerous to your cardiovascular health and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. The FDA does require that labels report trans fat content; however this is only necessary if a product contains more than .49 g per serving. Companies can actually say they contain zero trans-fats on the front of a product label when actually they can have up to .49 g per serving of trans-fats in them.

Sodium stearoyl lactylate: This is the only chemical additive in coffee creamer that appears to be safe. (Aside from the water). It is used as an emulsifier to keep the coffee creamer in liquid form.

Polysorbate 60: Short for polyoxyethylene-(20)- sorbitan monostearate this emulsifier is widely used in the food industry. Made of made of corn, palm oil and petroleum, this gooey mix can’t spoil, so it often replaces dairy products in baked goods and other liquid products.

Carrageenan: Has been linked by many scientific studies to  many serious diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and cancer.

Still yearning for that French Vanilla coffee creamer in your daily cup? 


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