"and to the blind, recovery of sight, to send forth the oppressed in deliverance"

- Luke 4:18 (above)

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The SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "7:03 pm," and GOD wrote the following:

All nations enslaved, by a "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, all STOLEN VALOR.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.  They are currently "fleecing you," and "shearing the sheep" with this FAKE PANDEMIC, as they steal everything you own, to destroy your jobs, to make you homeless, to make you dependent on the fake governments.

DECLARE your COVENANT out of LOVE for JEHOVAH (GOD), for "I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block." 
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

Friday, November 25, 2016




Thus says the LORD: “A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are no more.” Jeremiah 31:15

"I have said that there would be riots and demonstrations in the streets in the days to come. These things have come because your nation is so divided, for you are a divided nation for there are divisions of every kind. 

There are divisions because of the color of your skin. You are divided politically of one candidate against another. You are divided of rich and poor. You are divided of this church against another. You are divided of the young and the old.  And because of your divisions, you will have eruptions in the cities. You will have eruptions and shootings in the schools. 

You are a divided nation. You are not united. At one time you broke away from the tyranny of a foreign power, but in the space of many, many years you have chosen prejudice over freedom. You haven't taken care of the fatherless or the widow. You have chosen rather to reward those who have climbed the ladder to the top in their field.

The hourglass is waning. Time is running out. Will you pursue righteousness or will you follow after your own hearts, says the Lord? The killing of many will continue. There will be a song heard throughout the land, and it will be of Rachel who is weeping for her children.  Your days are numbered, oh America. Foreigners came to your shores looking for the light of freedom but, instead, they have come to a nation divided. 

I ask you, 'Was I divided among you?' I came to my own and my own would not receive me. And now I see some who have received me, but their hearts are divided. But the drums and the sounds are heard from afar. They beat out a melody from long ago. It is the sound that was sung on every street corner. It rang the bells of freedom. It sung of heroism and courage. And, if you listen intently, you can still hear that song."

Stephen Hanson
Nov 25 2016


Anonymous said...

These two guys make sense about recent 'scandals' -
Media Lied About Trump No Prosecution of Hillary / First 100 Days .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNEry0krwVo

Anonymous said...

Similar opinon to Trump. https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2016/11/25/vladamir-putin-islamic-refugees-should-go-to-saudi-arabia-or-iran-where-their-radical-beliefs-are-considered-the-norm/