Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Amazing Vanishing Debtors


By Anna Von Reitz

Who were the Phoenicians? 
Remember hearing-- briefly---about them?  The mysterious society of seagoing traders who flourished in the Levant and later in Portugal, who simply vanished off the face of the Earth?  Hmm? 
Ever heard the word, "Phony"?
How about the Atlanteans  even before that? 
A vast, advanced society that just disappears?  You believe that?
How about the Templars, who just vanished completely, never to be seen or heard from again, after amassing the most substantial fortune ever known up until that time (1300 AD).
Or the Dutch East India Company, which was utterly vast and hugely successful, far more successful than any of the British Trading Companies.
All these vast and hideously wealthy enterprises simply went "Whoosh!" up a stovepipe like Santa Claus? 
We believe this?  No, we don't and we have good cause not to. 
These staged disappearances serve numerous agendas, not the least of which is to protect the perpetrators of vast con games. 
Now the entire fortune of America, the richest nation on Earth, has supposedly "disappeared" into thin air, and all that is left of our National Credit is the National Debt of the UNITED STATES, INC.
Gee, where did it go?
Where else but to China, which is suddenly and unaccountably very rich and swaggering around and telling us children's stories about benevolent Chinese Elders --- who just somehow managed to escape the wrath of Mao.
Look around.  You won't find a single Rothschild, Rockefeller, or Vanderbilt anywhere.  They have just "disappeared" into thin air. Poof! 
But the world is a smaller place than it has ever been and the sensors are long and owned by various parties.  The money, including actual asset money, leaves a trail. And one can track it right back to the source of all this misery and all these con games.
The "elite" are not elite.  They are just con artists with very large working budgets. And they haven't disappeared, either, despite their best efforts to make it seem so. 
Their latest trick is to "reverse age"---- something that immense wealth and decades of research into the process of aging has finally allowed.  Don't expect George HRW Bush to die, or Jimmy Carter, either.  Just look for them as they appeared fifty years ago, with some plastic surgery, and a new story line.
The whole reason that the animals have been so intent on killing off most of the population is that we are now in a position to live much longer lives--- which creates an immediate population crisis.  George HRW wants to live to be a thousand, which means that millions must die and entire generations must never be born.

Be aware.  Be alert.  Recognize these madmen for who they are, and don't let them "disappear" again.  Especially not with the value of your labor and your parents and grandparents' gold. 
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