Sunday, November 27, 2016

OPA – Its Saturday after Thanks Giving!

OK Gurus, where is this money you all were talking about?  Where are the announcements?  Now the  Monday Value Day (28 Nov 2016) … Yep just more BULL SHIT!
Did you catch the latest info floating out there, if the London Flyer or Traveler does not fly TODAY, he has to go into the hospital for surgery, which I hope is not true, we wish that person all the best and fast healing, but if does, its two more weeks of LYING to us and guess what!
Its banker holidays once again!  They start around 15 Dec to 15 Jan and nothing gets done then and if your that close, oh well let’s just wait until TRUMP is in on Jan 20th …  Can you see their deception once again … I think this is for Dunford so the Liberals cannot accused him of a military coup and Sorryo’s not paying for more riots!  The plan those bastards are running is right in your face?
I don’t know how you feel about this, but I am pissed off and it’s time to get this RV stuff moving …
Watch for other magical phrases
“no one can stop this now”, “it’s on a timer and no one knows when…”, “if any one interfere, they will be arrested …”, “the admiral is in the bank…”, “the release is set for a holiday weekend”, “announcements start on Sunday night …”, “the flyer has flown, oh no, he has not, oh he flying at 2 pm reno time, etc.”, “the banker has his hands out”, “the banker has stolen the money”, “Oh, crap, Jack Lew has held it up again!”, “ we need just one more signature”, “O is throwing a fit, …”, “got to get a message to General Dunford that …”, “I just need to cover this weekend with donations and the money is out on Tuesday…”, “all the paper work is signed, we are just waiting on …”, “the General has control, we are waiting on him to …”, “ they got to arrest X before the Chinese will release …”, “the cabal tried to cause problems and the white hats stopped them again, and it caused a delay of …”, “numerology predicts a perfect day …”, “super full moon, blood moons, super-super full moon, …”, “bankers only work Tuesday to Thursday”, “its Tuesday, well the weekend is coming up fast”, “it’s a holiday in X country, so we cannot launch …”, “account has to be audited …”, “account has to go through compliance”, “the fed stopped it again …”, “waiting on Christine L… “, “IRAQ has to approve the budget …”, “they cannot arrest X since the Republic needs money …”, “they are negotiating X at … Paris Agreement or G7 or G20 or extended G20 or at UN or in Washington DC … “, “they are a royal and we do not treat them that way …”

See what I mean.  After so many years of hearing the same old BULLSHIT you start to think the ones in charge are either so buzy dealing with CABAL activities or the CABAL is trying to put up road blocks or those with the money for the RV are using Rothschild trading platforms to make more money or …
For what?  Build a banking station on the Moon?  Buy out American companies, FARMS, Manufacturing, etc. to ship the product to China?  The latest rumor is China is smelling around Fiat Automotive to buy them out and then what move manufacturing to China so they can build those great cars which includes American jobs at the Big C!  So why RV when you control the sum total of money in the world backed by GOLD and you use it to increase your foot print to dominate the world replacing the CABAL.  Does this mean we have to learn Chinese?  Does this mean we have to change our Republic to Marxism? Does this mean we will be using oil for the next 100 years?  Does this mean you control the release of technology slowly for your benefit? 
So where is the great humanitarian and spirituality with these actions on restoring the planet, everyone has good food, clean water, better air, etc?  – remember the planet killer Fukushima … I guess it is not profitable!
At this point, I am discussed with all the people involved with all the games including the CABAL.  Get real, better said, you off worlder’s that the Chinese talk about, why don’t you suck up the bad guys and ship them off somewhere else and then we can get the RV done?  Anyone of you Chinese folks talk about that one???
One Pissed Off America, signing off for now.  Remember, you too believe the same way, just too scared to say or do anything, time to buck up and man-up, so let us change this together! 


Anonymous said...

Until ALL the corrupt people are arrested,rounded up and put in prison, the GCR will NOT be a reality- IF true, the people trying to implement the GCR RV will not let it go just to lose it to the elite factions that have run this planet for centuries-Anyone telling you that everything going on, stopped it, the cabal have thrown a wrench into this, etc, etc,don't know s#@! from shinola- They are misinformants that are paid handsomely to lie, deceive,and tell you anything to keep on buying currency, in hopes for the big day that will never come, until the afore mentioned is taken care of- Don't play into their hands, as it is OUT of ours-The 'elite' don't want this to happen, let alone more millionaires running around, and they will continue this cycle until they are ALL eradicated- BUT, don't take my word for it, as all isn't what it seems- Look at just how long this has taken, and just how much longer it will take, for us to reap the harvest-It is the same as waiting on the station platform waiting for a train that will never arrive-The cabal has conveniently removed the track.....

Anonymous said...

You're crazy if you believed any of that would happen when they are still behind the control levers to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Go live your life and be happy-forget all this bullshit
Remember $$ isn't everything!! Look at the time you've wasted waiting
and for what?? You keep waiting and waiting then all of a sudden you
are old and $$ don't mean shit and that is when you realize you just wasted
your whole life waiting!! NOW GO LIVE

Anonymous said...

4:38P.M.- What did I just say? Re-read it s-l-o-w-l-y this time...

Anonymous said...

Every time people get their hopes up and rely on the good faith of other's who believe corrupted information and outright disinformation is truth and hope is again dashed...............negative fearful energy is created.

The opposite of Love is fear.

Fear porn is evil, yet apparently we have the freewill to experience both Love and Evil and everything in between when our higher spirit resides in a human biological body suit.

40% of the world population earns less than $2 a day yet find comfort and even daily joys in the love and laughter they share as they struggle.

While a lottery win, currency investment RV, or Nesara like debt jubilee and instant relief from financial struggles would help everyone on earth, and we simply cannot understand why anyone would choose to block global prosperity and relieve human suffering.............perhaps a majority of us have spiritually chosen to be spiritual overachievers in this lifetime by incarnating into human biological 3D suits exactly for the advanced spiritual experiences of suffering the lower vibrations we call evil that we all so object to,resist and fight against.

Can there truly be any greater reason for living than to fight for truth and love behind a spiritual veil of forgetfulness?
How can we stand in the shoes of 40% of the Earth's population earning less than $2 a day and know the emotions of ALL THE CREATOR'S CHILDREN, IF WE DO NOT SHARE AT LEAST SOME OF THEIR SUFFERINGS, even though it is significantly less poverty, significantly less struggle and significantly less despair than they do...........

The 1% blocking our prosperity seek short term gain at the long term expense of their spiritual growth in the higher realms.........knowing Karma will get us all after death of the human biological suit makes me sad they seem to "know not what they truly are doing to themselves spiritually". Or perhaps they do know and that is why they fight so hard to stay alive and feed off our energy of pain and suffering knowing if we all put fear away they will die and through Karma be re-birthed to live future lives as a non sentient creation such as a non sentient lower evolved species of animal, insect, reptile, bird, plant or minerals.

Sadly for these lost souls who continue to act with Evil, after death, Santa will truly put a lump of Coal or shit in their stockings...........,

While I truly feel compassion for all of the human suffering we and others are experiencing from our different individual perspectives (the many eyes and hands of God), I do feel true pity for the Lost Soul's who through Karma and actions of Evil against all of the Creator's children must under Universal laws pay spiritually after death.

I have but one set of eyes and hands our creator can direct for higher good. But each and every single day I seek to share kindness, joy and love with others equally struggling and suffering to in some small way let them know they are loved and cared about.

For all struggling with anger over the disappointments of false promises, broken contracts, breached vows, know you are loved and keep the faith that Love is the highest energy in the Universe and you are that loving energy even if you fail to always recognize this when daily life fractal emotional distractions of Evil come your way.

Just a positive hello and smile to a down trodden depressed and suicidal stranger on the street can give that stranger the strength to live and carry on.

Love always...........and share kindness