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Saturday, November 26, 2016

War Has Broken Out in North Dakota

A water defender stands in defiance of a fully militarized North Dakota law enforcement battalion at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction project. (photo: COUNTERCURRENTNEWS)WAR  HAS  BROKEN  OUT  IN NORTH DAKOTA 

23 November 16
Marc Ash, Reader Supported News 

The situation in North Dakota at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline has degenerated into what can now only fairly be described as a war zone.

The escalating assaults on unarmed protesters by heavily armed, fully militarized police units have transformed the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site into a battlefield.

Scores of people have been injured and medics are struggling to evacuate the injured to area medical facilities for treatment. The scene is one of constant clashes and assaults by North Dakota military police attempting to drive Native American protesters away from the pipeline construction site.

A flashpoint on the Backwater Bridge was the scene of an intense six-hour engagement between “Water Defender” protesters and Morton County, North Dakota, sheriff’s personnel. Using military tactics, law enforcement unleashed barrage after barrage of military grade tear gas, rubber bullets, water sprayed from high pressure hoses in below freezing temperatures, and concussion grenades. According to the ACLU, “News reports confirm more than 300 people have been injured.”

The worst injury reported occurred as a result of a concussion grenade thrown by police directly striking a 21-year-old protester from New York. Sophia Wilansky suffered severe damage to her arm when the grenade detonated in close proximity. The injury caused a compound fracture and extensive damage to muscle, nerve and bone, resulting certainly in a lifelong disability. Details of the Wilansky incident have gone viral on Twitter.

Randi Retweeted
Standing Rock: injured protester's father says police account is 'bogus nonsense'  Water protector may lose her arm

Officials pin blame for Standing Rock protester's arm injury

With hostilities and injuries mounting, 'president' Obama is taking a disturbingly hands-off approach.  In an interview with NowThis News on November 2nd, Obama appeared detached from the severity of the conflict playing out in North Dakota, saying at the time, “We’re going to let it play out for several more weeks."

Indeed, in several more weeks he will no longer be 'president'. So it is entirely possible that he intends to take no further action and hand the situation off to President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. Leaving behind a raging conflict and … a fitting legacy to his indefensible and disaster-prone energy policy.

It’s not clear what Obama’s interest in seeing this pipeline built is, or what kind of commitments he has made regarding its completion, but as a brutal conflict unfolds on American soil he remains eerily silent. (How about his is one of those 'invested' in the coming profits to be had from it along with former Gov Rick Perry and rumored Donald Trump.)

What deepens the concern in this conflict is that it hearkens back to the darkest days of America’s past. The sight of white men with weapons attacking Native Americans defending sacred lands is a return to America’s genocide, and Native America’s holocaust.

The oil wars are not “over there” any longer. They are here, and the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation is the first great battlefield. It is that and a resumption of America’s Indian wars.
Marc Ash is the founder and former Executive Director of Truthout, and is now founder and Editor of Reader Supported News.

Reader Supported News is the Publication of Origin for this work. Permission to republish is freely granted with credit and a link back to Reader Supported News.


  1. These disgusting federal sons of bitches will kill some of the protesters before this is over, just like they did at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Malhuer. Oregon. Hopefully, President Trump will roll back some of the power these out of control federal agencies use against we the people.

  2. Not to take sides, but what the heck is a protester from New York doing protesting in North Dakota? Sorry, but I have no allowance for professional protesters

    1. Hey Moron: This issue will have an impact on this entire slave plantation we call the USA, that's why.

    2. Professional protesters don't have a clue most times what they are protesting about , moron. I am sure someone from New York really knows what happens in North Dakota. Probably had to get out an atlas to find it.
      Probably another George Soros plant.

  3. New yorkers need to get out of North Dakota by today, and the militia needs to round these sods up including the planted protestors and hang them.

    1. How about arresting the frigging traitor sheriff and all his drone minions including all the corporate criminal thugs with a gun, badge and 007 license? Then get out the rope.

    2. AnonymousNovember 26, 2016 at 2:31 PM: When you talking about the paid protesters from New York are you talking about the PAID French mercenaries or actual protesters who are infiltrating the [WELL intentioned] real protesters who are trying to stop the pipeline?

  4. Hey anon 2:31,... who would you suggest to slow the onslaught of the rights of fellow americans in this onslaught? You?? Are you serious?? You probably don't know your 'ass' from a hole in the ground. Proven by your latest comment. Get involved,... get in the 'game',... or get lost,... we don't need you,... and we don't need your kind crapping up this blog.

    1. Your blog is it? I don't think so. No more yours than anyone else's. Soros plants protesters and crap disturbers all over, that are just there to do that, cause trouble Do the ones he puts there know the issues? Likely not.

    2. Actually it is my blog.. I am the one with the delete button and can delete this blog out of existence if I choose. It is my inheritance. Slaveman has been around here for a long time ande has often had very good input.

    3. I would to apologize to anon 2:31 for my recent comment,... The situation at Standing Rock has angered us all. We need to stand together against this tyranny and not let this divide us by posting while angry as I did,...

    4. You put a blog on here, then be prepared to hear from all angles. You start picking and choosing who you let post on here and not, and your credibility goes in the toilet. Its not just yours or another's opinions that are the only right ones. Pipelines are the safest way to move product like this, and if you don't think so, try looking at the disaster that hit by rail in Montreal a couple years back. If the aboriginal people in the US get federal funding like they do here in Canada, then you need to realize where revenue is generated to pay this. If you would sooner not have pipelines, and get foreign oil shipped in, how about a shipping disaster with a shipload of oil being spilled in the St Laurence seaway, or one of the Great Lakes. Where I live there is many many pipelines. More oil is spilled in other ways of transporting oil. If you don't like the oilfields, then you better park your car, stop buying anything that is made from any crude oil product. The country needs to work together for the good of all, and that usually means compromise.

  5. I find this all a very big deal. Anon at 2:30 was likely talking about the mercenaries who were planted on private land !!

    1. Exactly. I am sure they used their own funds to travel to North Dakota from New York to protest, all on their own nickel. Ya right. Soros plants.

  6. For those who didn't see it shortly after the onslaught of the 'police' attacking the tribal protestors, an appeal was sent out to all the tribes throughout this nation to come and join them in this protest. Response was that hundreds would be on the way to join them in the protest. Prophecies among the tribes almost all agree, and the prophecy about the 'black snake' applies to this situation, which infers tragedy not only for the tribes who own this land by treaty, but will affect all mankind when the soil to grow our food is destroyed and the water we would drink will also be destroyed. Nothing has been reported by Soros paid protestors or even mercenaries. But, many from other tribes have joined together to protest for the benefit of all in America, not just for the tribes. HOW can any of us look upon what is happening in this situation as though it is a planned event? And that the lives of the
    protestors do not matter? This situation should be no less important than what happened to the Bundys and Hammonds. We are fools to not discern the importance of what is taking place here. Each attack the 'police' get by with only opens another door for yet more lives to be lost and more of our rights and freedoms to be sacrificed. And, the danger to our very existence increases.

    1. I think they have the correct diagnosis of that volatile situation: there are some people planted there to stir up war, who are paid, while the rest of you are simply resisting and protecting your native land. This should be getting press at Infowars by now?