Sunday, November 27, 2016

U.S House Setting up war with Russia!

Sneaky  Pieces  of  Sh*t  in  the  U.S  House  Pass  Syria  No-Fly  Zone  Bill;  Setting  up  war  with  Russia! 


Freewill said...

OBAMA!!! You were denied permission to invade Syria! You are denied permission to establish a no fly zone! You are denied any jurisdiction to have any influence with Syria!
Read and remember! Signed: We THE People

Anonymous said...

You people are so confusing. First, you claim the president is CEO of a defunct corporation, outside of the authority of the republic. Now you claim we the people are ordering Obama not to enforce the no fly zone in Syria. Major contradiction?

This article also refers to Trump as "our" new president. Is Trump not a CEO of the corporation like Obama? How could he be "our" new president? Major contradiction?

What authority does Congress have, corporate or otherwise, to declare another sovereign nation a 'no fly zone'?

The article says Trump may be "forced" to war. The CEO/Pres as head of the military has full discretion over whether to send troops to battle. Congress may declare was, but there is nothing requiring the CEO/pres to fight it.

This whole article reeks.

Freewill said...

First of all, if you read the rebuttal, you would see Obama is the CEO of a defunct corporation!
Second, any corporation that has intent on invading a sovereign country must have permission from another sovereign country to do so! Obama asked for permission as the CEO of the UNITED STATES INC. corporation from the sovereign country united states of America and was rebutted.
You Anonymous 4:07pm must either be under the influence of something or just plain ill educated to not comprehend this! It's written right in the rebuttal! Friggin read it before commenting!

Freewill said...

And who ever wrote this article lacked in comprehension as well as I agree with that statement from you Anon 4:07pm

Anonymous said...

You who are reading this so-called article need to take it literally and understand the meaning.

Obama can't do whatever he likes to do, without the people of the united states granting him permission. He can't do it.

So even if the corporate USA decided to toss a no-fly zone over the whole country of Syria, Obama or the Obama look-alike is not allowed to support NATO or them.

He's on a short leash: If I desired it, Obama lands in jail right now..versus a cooperating witness.

Anonymous said...

Remember governments change, but the lies are still the same.

marie said...

Very interesting, Anon: 5:04

Anonymous said...

They are desperate. Going to war with Russia will prevent hundreds if not thousands of the treasonous criminals in the District of Criminals from going to prison for the rest of their lives if not a rope around their neck. If they are going down, they will try and take the world with them.