Sunday, November 27, 2016

Constructive Notice and Requirement to Perform


Anonymous said...

You know, the national guard doesn't have to do a damnn thing you say unless you somehow have a functioning continental congress.

Where's the re-enacted nationtal congress ...

Anonymous said...

What a waste of print ! Don't you know the election is over and Trump won.

Anonymous said...

You may have been told it is your government.
You may believe it is your government.
You may vote in their elections as if it is your government.
Not a single public servant needs to roll over and do anything you say.

Some of you have evolved into a public version of the servants, except they don't appear in public and fuss like you do.

Your anger is so great and so deep, if I was your servant I wouldn't do a thing for you.
If I was being paid to work for you, I'd tell you; you don't pay me enough to put up with your shit.
If you worked for a boss, who talked shit to you; you'd tell him off or quit.

In going forward it is truly possible to move backwards.

Some of your minds are so shocked by disappointment, that your actions only create more disappointment.

I see it.
I do believe, eureka, it worked.

If you have a group of people moving in a direction and you want to change their direction;
you put enough false hope out there for them to experience disappointment over and over,
because you can control information and they control their hope.
You didn't violate their free will with an empty promise, you only produced a lie not directed to anyone.
They took it upon their selves to believe the lie belonged to them.

Then keep feeding that information, on a regular basis to make them think some day it will come to fruition.
When they are alienated by the people that used to believe what they said, from their hope; you go them.
now they will lash out in anger at anyone who gets in the way of their belief in the hope that never came.

Then they'll wait for a savior to come and take them away from this place so they don't have to live
with the consequences of wasting their life waiting on an outcome that will never come.

All the birthdays they missed waiting to buy that 'big' gift that they could never afford.
All the holidays they missed with family because of their seasonal delusion of a couple of days, a few more weeks, beginning of next year, when the president elect is inaugurated, when he gives his first state of the union speech, on president's day, a valentines gift, remember some St somebody and a revolution they caused, and so on, year after year.

You have stolen their life without having taken it from them.
They stopped living it and are merely energy sitting in their home, because they are afraid to go outside.
They stopped living and sit at home because they are afraid of the food they purchase.
They stopped living and sit at home because you tell them of some virus that is spreading.

Yet planes still fly and buses still go on their routes uninterrupted, even though everybody was supposed to die from the clouds or the food or some contagious someone. It worked. Some people can be controlled without electrodes attached to their heads.