Saturday, November 26, 2016

Breaking: Democrat Counter-Coup Against Trump in Progress


  1. Crooks of a feather will flock together.
    I have a feeling this will be the last time we hear from Stein since if she isn't arrested, she will leave the us.

  2. More proof that Hillary lies like a two-faced Bush.
    Judge Jeanine: I, for one, am appalled, Hillary

  3. Its also the zionist Jews against Trump. They know he'll reveal that it was the Bush WH, Silverstein and Mossad that did the 9/11 bombing. SEE: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer 911 Truth on Youtube, and reports on Veterans Today. They want bribed and bought Hillary to protect them. Gotta think that Stein, like Sanders, has dual-citizenship with Israel -- these people should not be allowed in an government position.

    This Viral Video Of Trump On 9/11 Is Setting Twitter On Fire

  4. It's everybody against him, all globalists are against Trump.
    Not any surprise since he will reveal Turkey's crimes first!