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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign just posted an update on the petition you signed, Say No to Mass Killing of Wild Horses!.

 Wild Horses & Burros Still Need Your Help

Nov 26, 2016

You signed our petition in September to stop the mass mustang killing, and now we need you again.
These iconic animals are symbols of America’s greatness, but their future is in peril. 
Pressure is mounting to lift the ban on slaughtering America’s mustangs and burros, and
the Bureau of Land Management is
pursuing a back door route to killing
thousands of these animals.  

With a new Administration and Congress, the fate of these national icons hangs in the balance.

What you can do:

#1: ENLIST IN OUR ARMY OF MUSTANG DEFENDERS – Only the power of the people can defeat the special interests that want to destroy America’s wild horses and burros. Sign up for our email list to become a mustang defender today by visiting and filling out your information under "Stay Informed"

#2: SUPPORT THE BATTLE - We’ve had significant victories in 2016... winning big precedents in federal court, and stopping a huge roundup and barbaric sterilization experiments. Please help us continue these wins in 2017 with a year-end gift to support our legal, legislative, advocacy, field and rescue work:

Thank you for caring about America’s wild horses and burros, and for helping us to protect and preserve them for future generations enjoy.       
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These beautiful horses aren't the ones that should be shot- It's the morons that put together the BLM, and yes, them, too!!